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I turn 32 today!

So I figured I would just waste your time and share a picture of me 🙂 (I am vain what can I say!) Plus I just got back from Hawaii and I am wanting to catch up on zzzz’s before I go back to the cubicle tomorrow. Anyway I hope everyone is having a great Monday 🙂


Wordless Wednesday


Happy National Coffee Day

Not a coffee drinker, but when you spend some time on a coffee farm you learn to appreciate it@




I really wanted to go to Tikal when I went to Guatemala, but one of the issues with traveling only a week at a time is you have to determine what is feasible and what is not.  Sadly, on my trip Tikal just wasn’t feasible for me to visit.

I also really wanted to see Mayan ruins while I was in Guatemala, so when I had a chance to go to Iximche I took it.

Maya ruins have an extensive history and I find the history fascinating, ALMOST as fascinating as I find the Incas, but don’t worry I will not bore you with the history lesson, what I will say is your can read a pretty decent history of Iximche here

It was about a hour driver from Antigua, and I found the drive interesting as we drove through a lot of small towns and mountains.

When we arrived, there were not many people at the location.  I think this was because of the approaching storm, but I think the storm gave the ruins a much more dramatic effect, plus it was slightly cooler out, so it made exploring the ruins that much more enjoyable.

Here are some of my favorite photos.  If you ever find yourself in Guatemala, I think you should go 🙂 I will share more photos the coming weeks on Wordless Wednesday

DSC03111 DSC03122 DSC03137 DSC03139 DSC03155