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Book Review Sunday: Dorothy Must Die


It has been a little while since I reviewed a book on here, and I think it is time I get back on track with reviewing books.

I recently finished Dorothy Must Die and I loved it for so many reasons I really am kicking myself for not getting this review up much earlier.

The Plot: This was one twisted, fun and messed up plot. Take the classic tale of The Wizard of Oz and throw it out the window. Dorothy is not the sweet girl we all know and love but in fact a very evil and powerful version of her. She is actually down right psycho and scary. She has let the power go to her head (I mean who wouldn’t) and has taken over Oz and all her glory she now rules it with an iron fist, and even forces her minions to wear perma-smile. I recommend you read the prequel before you start this book to give you an idea what really happened.

The lion? yeah his bravery turned him into one scary beast.
The Scarecrow? Well his brains have turned him into the psychotic scientist.
The Tin Man? Is a Dorothy obsessed weirdo (shame he was my fav!)

The Wicked? Man oh man the switch has flipped and they are the good guys.

The point of view is told from Amy Gumm, the other girl from Kansas. she is a strong willed and strong character that gives the story some grit. She isn’t perfect but she is determined to take Dorothy down.

The characters were well developed, Paige took very well developed characters and developed them for evil and did a damn good job at doing it!

Oh don’t worry you wizard lovers, the Powerful Oz will also make an appearance. I know you were secretly worried. I was 😉

Some people have called in Dystopian and I suppose in a weird way it is, but I just think it is a very fun twist with a slice of crazy that makes this book such a fun ride.

I give this book five fun stars, because while the characters may not be original the story sure as hell is.

Hurry up Ms. Paige let’s get that next book out, cause we really need to know “Will Dorothy Really Die”

Disclaimer: This was a fun book, but I know I have read a lot of people out there ticked because it takes away from the political interpretations and symbolization that Baum intended. This was still a fun ride and if you can let that aspect go, I feel you really can enjoy the book.

Wordless Wednesday


Wordless Wednesday

Guatemala 48

Old Graves in North Texas

Back in August when the Souls Around the World blog hop was brought up to me, my first thought was I am not a writer, but quickly changed to cool!  Then I started thinking what goes bump in the night?

Vampires, Werewolves, Witches… all these go bump in the night, but I don’t really fear these thanks to paranormal writers making them sexy 🙂 .

So anyway I was wondering what could I contribute? I googled haunted Texas, and got about 2 million results.

I was planning on going to explore Mckinney so I googled Haunted Mckinney.

That is when I learned about Pecan Grove Cemetery.


Pecan Grove is one of the oldest cemeteries in North Texas. In fact many early Texas pioneers, Governors and even gunslingers are buried here. Heroes of the Texas Revolution, veterans of the Mexican War, the War for Southern Independence are also here. It was formally incorporated in 1870, the earliest grave dates from 1854.



I found many graves some very very old. There really were a lot of military men buried here and I also noticed a large Masonic influence.


It was very hot but at the same time there was a very peaceful element to this graveyard.


Everything I read indicated it was a very active for the paranormal influence. I was there during the heat of the day, so maybe the ghosts were smart and stayed out of the heat… but I felt nothing except quiet.


Overall, I am not one for graveyards, as I don’t believe in distrubing final resting places, but this spot is historical, and it is nice to be reminded of those who died for our freedoms.

Until next time.