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March Goals

This month was total garbage with news, I had an utter month of unexpected expenses because of added expenses that kept me from accomplishing a lot of my goals.

1. Pay off my Firestone Credit Card– didn’t have due to an unexpected medical expense

2. Practice Spanish 15 minutes a day– due to said medical expense Ecuador is pushed back and I said screw it I am not practicing because I am bitter

3. Save $500 in my rainy day fund– Medical expense drained all my money and therefore did not add to fun

4. Watch 10 movies on the American Film Institute Greatest 100 movie list– I did do this… I need to write about this ūüôā )

5. Walk the neighborhood three times a week– I didn’t walk the neighborhood but I did walk the 1.25 loop at work on my lunch break

6. Eat breakfast daily– I did this about 75% of the time

So that brings me to March, while I did accomplish a few things on my list I didn’t tackle the big list. ¬†I recently have learned that upcoming medical procedures that I need are going to be expensive. ¬†I have insurance but it isn’t the greatest. ¬†While I am very depressed I know I must take care of my health and because of this I have postponed all international travel until I am completely sure of the actual expense of my procedures.

Which is why for the next few months the focus of my blog will be more “inspiration” rather than what I learned on the road. ¬†I might do some traveling state side, but because I am going to pay a lot of money towards medical procedures I have to be a responsible adult. ¬†I said I wanted to get healthy this year and that is exactly what I will do.

I am going to try to “travel the world” without leaving my home, I am going to find movies, books and even cooking recipes to try to inspire YOU to get ready for your travels. ¬†Check out my “Travel by Book & Movie” page for more information. ¬†I realize that this is just a slight hiccup in my travel endeavors but I know my health has to come first or I will never hike the Inca Trail.

That being said it is time to get to my March goals.

1. Pay off my three smallest credit cards. ¬†It is bonus month for me, and with my bonus I am taking care of some small debts and setting the cards aside because I don’t really have a reason to use them so it will be nice to have them paid off.

2. Get $500 in my rainy day fund. ¬† If my math is right and I don’t have anything else occur unexpectedly I should accomplish this pretty easy with the remainder of my bonus money.

3. Continue my exercise and eating healthy regime.¬† I need to keep up the healthy habits I have developed and just because I am stressed out doesn’t mean I need to let things I have already accomplished go awry.

4. Have my Ecuador Fundraising Party. I had huge plans to raise money for my project and yes I still intend on doing that, I said I was going to raise money for those children and I intend to stick to my word.

5. Develop a payment plan for my large balanced credit card and my car.¬†One of my major goals this year was to get my car paid off it isn’t due to be paid off until May of 2016 and I want to get it paid off at least 6 months in advance.

6. Finish my USO girl costume and my Poison Ivy costume. These are two costumes I have wanted to get finished for quite some time.  It is time that I get these done. Plus I figure I am not going anywhere I might as well finish all my unfinished projects.

So yes I am very disappointed that Iam postponing International travel, but if my plans go according to plan I will be financially stronger in 2016 and able to travel more often.   Plus this gives me the opportunity to put my stellar research skills to work and compile a database of movies & books based in a certain country for when YOU travel somewhere.  So if you need a little inspiration go check out my database page.  You might find the inspiration you need.

Do you have any goals this month?

Spending the month of February reading Jane Austen

When I announced I was adding the “1001 Books to Read Before You Die” list I decided that for every “fluff” paranormal romance book I read I would read a book on the list so I could be and I quote “Classy and sh*t” ¬†as it is no secret that I love reading ¬†I figured some of the books may be a fun way to travel the world while I stay put in my bedroom. Sadly.

Because of my decision to be classy, I decided that I would start with the Jane Austen books:

#932- Northanger Abbey
#933- Persuasion
#936- Emma
#937- Mansfield Park
#938- Pride and Prejudice
#940- Sense and Sensibility

I decided to focus on Jane Austen for the following reasons:

I often claimed I am a “Huge Jane Austen Fan” when in actuality I have only read Pride and Prejudice. ¬†I don’t feel it is fair to call myself a fan, when I have only read one of her works.

In my defense, I have seen a lot of the movie & TV versions of Emma, so I knew I would like the story of Emma so I figured I should read the book.

Furthermore, I decided that if I was in fact a “Huge fan of Jane Austen” it was time to sit my butt down and read the books. I even re-read Pride and Prejudice… I just love Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy way too much. Que sighs now.

I also figured that as an Anglophile it was important that I read these stories. Please see my United Kingdom category for other books I have read based in the United Kingdom if you are curious. Some day I will make it there. Someday.

and last as February is the month of “love” (finger quotes used) I figured why not read some of the greatest love stories of all time.

I won’t bore you with the details of the books, because to be quite frank classier people have stated all that there is to be said about these fantastic books. ¬†I mean people have PhD’s in Jane Austen, and will write much better reviews on these books than I could ever imagine writing.

I will tell you that Mr. Knightly might… (gasp I know!) be my new favorite. He is practically perfect in every way. I will also say the lack of manners in the ¬†modern world is so sad, and it is fun to escape into a past time where manners were considered every day life. ¬†Imagine people actually being polite. ¬†I love that almost as much as I love the characters in the books.

I enjoyed these books…¬†they are all an easy five stars, and I think everyone should give them a go. ¬† Plus the books were an easy 6 books to read on the list.

995 books left on that list to go…. oh joy.

Honeymoon For One by Beth Orsott



Purchase Link: Honeymoon for One

Country Book is Set in: Belize

As I have stated previously, I am on a mission to travel the world via books & movies this year.  Belize is one of my favorite countries so when I stumbled upon this book I figured I would give it ago.  Even though she was accused of murder and the story gets a little crazy this book is making me itch to get back to Belize.

The second reason this book sucked me?  That cover.  I would much rather be doing that than working claims. Just Saying.

The brief synopsis Lizzie was left at the alter but instead of tucking her tail between her legs like most would do she took off and went on her honeymoon alone. ¬† She meets Michael who offers to play “pretend husband” and well when he ends up murdered well that is when the shenanigans begin.

As this is a country I have been to it was nice to hear how the main character wanted to go diving, snorkling and cave tubbing… all things that are worthy of doing in Belize. ¬†This is a reason why I love reading books set in a location I want to visit.

I found Liz very refreshing she may be a little naive but at the same time I can’t blame her for wanting to have a person play husband at a “couples resort” ¬†that plan goes awry when she meets Jack, the hot scuba instructor.

Scandalous you say? Oh that is just the beginning. 

Without a doubt I loved this book, I devoured the book in a day.  It had a little  mystery, a little steam and whole lotta fun.   This book was one plot after another

and oh there is a sea turtle named Fred.   We all know how I love sea turtles.

The characters were lovable and relatively believable.  Where is my trust fund friend though?

Go read this book, really go read this book if you are going to Belize, even though she was in a Belizean jail for a bit you will still be excited about visiting this very beautiful country.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Ah China, the country that has been numero uno on my bucket list since I was young. ¬† I keep telling myself that I am going to go to China to celebrate the year of the dog, but that isn’t to 2018. ¬†Patience is not my strongest virtue.

I am starting to think I am over this waiting game but that is a post for another day.

It is the the year of the Sheep (or ram or goat), and the year that is predicted looks amazing!

Ps google Chinese New year events, people near you might be celebrating in fun and unique ways!

I am personally celebrating by visiting the mom and pop Chinese restaurant down the street from work.  I am also going to make Chinese for dinner.   I may not be Chinese but I love Chinese New Year!

Dragon art  at Alcatraz
Dragon art at Alcatraz

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year?