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Meeting the cast of the Vikings at SDCC 13

I have been back from San Diego Comic Con for almost a month now, and I am just now able to share my experiences with everyone.

In one word, Con was AWESOME.

I had so much fun, but by time Sunday rolled around I was exhausted.

About a week after con, I went through my photos and I quickly realized why I was so tired, I was nonstop, from the moment I stepped off the plane to the moment I got back on the plane.

I have lots of funny experiences I want to share with you, starting with my favorite.

Meeting the cast of Vikings.

Let me start off by saying, it is no secret if you know me personally that I firmly believe te Norwegians are my people and I really think somewhere along my ancestry, a Viking man got with a Roman woman and then BAM eventually I was made. (I have grey eyes and a Roman foot afterall!)


So when the history channel announced their new series Vikings, I knew one hour of my week would be committed to a relationship with this show.

What I didn’t expect is to love this brutal brutal show.

So long story short, when I got to con and realized Vikings had an entire set up outside the convention, I was beyond estatic.

I didn’t take part in the boat races (I couldn’t find a SINGLE person willing to team up with me! slackers) but I did learn that Friday morning, the cast was going to have a signing at 11am.

I didn’t have tickets for con on Friday, which meant I had time to explore, so Friday morning at 8:56 am I lined up. The line was split in 2, the first line for Ragnar, Siggy & Rollo, and the second for Floki, Lagertha & Athelstan. As I am deeply drawn to Ragnar (and more importantly my mother loves Ragnar, it was a no brainer which line I would get in!)


They handed out comic books to get signed, and as I agreed to give my mom the signed comic book (You better leave it your will to me mom!)I didn’t care as I was the one that was going to meet the cast. (she had con tickets, but would later admit she regretted not joining me)

Honestly I think con has gotten too big and at times it is annoying, but no matter how big it is, sitting and talking with other fans that share the same Fandom as you is energizing.

After waiting just over 2 hours it was time to meet the cast.


For my mother...
For my mother…

The cast allowed pictures, which is rare especially when they have such time frames to meet as many as possible.

Ok so let’s talk meeting the cast, the first round of meet and greets, I can’t even tell you what happened. As I was completely mesmerized by Travis Fimmel, he plays Ragnar… and yes his eyes are that BEAUTIFUL in person.


Jessalyn Gilsig was beautiful, and so sweet. (yes sometimes I forget that the stars are people too, and quite often they are nice)

Clive Standen was hot. I couldn’t really speak to him, even though he was super nice!

Ok so after I made it through this line, I knew I had about 30 minutes to make it through the other line. I had to get all 6 signatures for my mother.

Why you ask? My mother once sacrificed her wrist band for the Chuck signing and gave it to me so I could meet the cast, I had to do this for her!

While I was in line, I noticed the cast started coming out and meeting with the fans, not sitting behind the table, this was even after the announcer said no more photos, to help speed the line up.

Let’s just say the cast wasn’t having it. They still took pictures, asked people to tweet the pictures to them…. I have never seen anything like it.

See in front of the table with the fans!
See in front of the table with the fans!

So when it was my time to meet up with the other three cast members I was shocked at how much time was spent with them. This is the first time I felt like the cast was very excited to meet their fans, not just making an appearance because the studio said so.

Katheryn Winnick, asked someone to take a picture of all the girls in the line, so about 6 of us posed for a picture with her. I have no clue where that picture is, but I would LOVE a copy!

and let me just say Katheryn Winnick is STUNNING, her make up artist is amazing at making her look like a warrior, because in person she is stunning.

In the end not only did I get all 6 signatures for my mother, I realized that I am very excited for season 2 of Vikings, especially after meeting a cast that are not only amazing actors, but amazing people.

Mississippi Welcome Center

Recently I road tripped to Florida with my family, and once we made it to Mississippi it was time for a quick stop, so we of course stopped at the Mississippi Travel Center.


We didn’t stay long because we really needed to make it to Alabama before stopping, but needless to say this might have been one of the most beautiful Welcome Centers I have visited, and I have visited a lot of Welcome Centers.  This welcome center had a very old feel to it, and it made me feel like I was touring the country in the 20s.  (at least for a moment, plus I am pretty proud of how my photos came out!)

The backdrop  of the center is the Mississippi River and while it is not the prettiest river, it was pretty photogenic with the sunset



I wasn’t able to go inside and see what all Mississippi has to offer, but I did snap a few quick pics of the bridges & river.  This was needless to say a VERY quick stop, we had a lot of road to travel to be where we needed to be by the next day.

Needless to say I was in love and if I had time I could have spent some time here.MIS 9


Until Next Time


Long Lost Friends Week

Ok it is time to give you my Disney warning. In the next couple of weeks, I am about to slap you with a lot of Disney, and I do mean a LOT of Disney.

So those of you that hate Disney I am sorry, but I spent a lot of time there at the beginning of the year, and I did a lot of new things that I MUST share, because well I love all things Disney. 🙂

So you have been warned. 🙂

Disney announced their “Limited Time Magic” Campaign this year, which means Disney plans on surprising guest with “limited time Magical surprises” throughout 2013.

So when long lost friends week was announced I was beyond excited, it is absolutely no secret that my favorite thing at Disney is to hunt down characters and take pictures with them, and the characters involved in this week are rare or retired.

So pretty much, when I found out that I was going to be able to take pictures with the characters from Robin Hood, I am pretty sure I squealed with delight.

Yes I know, I am 30… let’s move on.

I was able to meet lots of new characters including, Big Bad Wolf, Clarabelle Cow, Friar Tuck, Geppetto, Horace Horsecollar, Jiminy Cricket, Ludwig Von Drake, Pinocchio, Prince John, Robin Hood, Scrooge McDuck, Sheriff of Nottingham & Three Little Pigs

In short it was amazing.


Here are the pictures from those visits, who is your favorite Disney Character?

Clarabelle was sick :( so I just got to flirt with Horace
Clarabelle was sick 🙁 so I just got to flirt with Horace
The Three Little Pigs were beyond playful
The Three Little Pigs were beyond playful
Horace made me blush by giving me kisses
Horace made me blush by giving me kisses
Oh poor King John
Oh poor Prince John
Beyond excited about Robin Hood
Beyond excited about Robin Hood
Robin Hood!
Robin Hood!

friend 11 friend 12

Yet another Roadside Attraction

I was going through the remainder of the photos from the October Road Trip, and sadly this looks like it is going to be the last post from that trip.

For some reason all the photos from the last two days of the trip have gone MIA. I am very disappointed because we had some great times as we ventured back into Texas but as I have no clue where the pictures are, well I guess it is time to wrap up the trip.

I mean it is time to get this blog into the present,  October was almost 6 months ago after all.

So this brings me to an  update, I am going to make my best effort to get this blog caught up over the next two weeks, I have a lot of adventures I want to write about, plus a few Brazil topics and an update about me and how I see this blog going in the future.

I also need to start exploring the Dallas area, and finding fun things to do around here.

So if you are one of the few lucky people who subscribe well expect a lot of mail in the coming weeks, because I am getting this blog caught up before mid April rolls around, at least that is my goal.

As for the Texas part of the trip if I ever come across those pictures I will share them with everyone.

So this brings me to the last official post of the October Road Trip.

Those of you that have been following me for a while know exactly how much I love my roadside america app, so as we were driving on a very boring highway we decided to pull it out and see what we could find, which is how we came across this lovely gem.

If I remember correctly these are located in Clayton NM on Hwy 87.

They were a very quick stop, as there  really is not much to them, but they are a fun oddity if you are in the area or needed a break from driving

Here are the pics! Enjoy!

dino 6 dino 7 dino 8 dino 1 dino 2 dino 3 dino 4 dino 5