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Meeting Ron Glass

A couple of weeks ago I went to Dallas Comic Con, my main purpose of con was to meet Nathan Fillion and to snag as many signatures as I could on my very stellar Firefly poster my love bought me.


I didn’t bring my camera as my main goal was to get through as many lines as I possibly could and get as many signatures as I could so the photos from the event are not the best quality, but still memorable nonetheless.

I will have my meeting Nathan story soon but for now let’s talk about Ron Glass.

After I made it through Ms. Torres’s line I noticed that Ron’s line was practically non existent, so I took the chance and jumped in line.

We spoke about S.H.I.E.L.D and of course missing Firefly. I was able to get my picture with him & let me just say he is a fantastic edition to the celeb’s Jen has met book.


Book Review Sunday

I am going to start doing something new this week, I am on a huge reading binge and want to share all the books I have read with you.   So without further ado, the books I read last week…


I gave this book 5 stars

This is a very fun book.

This book is witty, charming and a hilarious ride.

Sure there are parts of when the main character makes you slap your forehead and say REALLY????!!!! but overall this a very fun book, and exactly what I am needing to recover from all the depressing dystopia I have been reading lately.

I loved the main character and felt she was realistic. Or at least how I would imagine a teenage spy to be.

The supporting characters were also fun. They supported the main character and made the story move smoothly.

The Plot: Maggie is ordered to make friends with a boy who’s father is going to sell out her family. What could go wrong with this I wonder? You guessed it she falls for him and it makes for one hilarious fun ride and just goes to show even spies have feelings.

Can’t blame the girl though, he is pretty swoon worthy.

This book was so fun, I am starting the second book ASAP!

Book Review Sunday


This was a hard book for me to come up with a rating. I liked it but at the same time I didn’t.

When I talk to friends that have read the series the first question they always ask..

I don’t care about what happened in the book, are you happy with who she ended up with?

If I was going to answer this honestly I would say no.

Don’t worry I am not going to remotely spoil it for you, although I feel it is so obvious and predictable in book 2 that I am not sure why this is even still a question.

Maxon vs Aspen

At the end of book 2, I felt it was VERY clear who America has chosen. I guess it was really only obvious to me because there was still a debate on Goodreads.

Either way I digress, why did I like the book, when I first started reading the book I really felt we would get more answers about the actual society she was living in, who are the rebels? What do they want? What will happen to Maxon? What will happen to Aspen?

Well we get answers to those, but this where the book falls short,I felt the book was moving at a great pace adding lots of intrigue and mystery when

It just ends.

It all just magically falls into place in one perfectly cut out package with no clear cut understanding of how it got there.

This society is broken, there are issues. a society based on corruption and brutality and then it magically resolves?

Well I shouldn’t say it resolves, because in a lot of ways it doesn’t….

Do you see my confusion?

That is why I am having a hard time writing this review, I feel like there should be another book.

Do you find out who America chooses? Yes.

Is it a happy ending? No I don’t think so.

Overall the series is a great series (even if the author is badly behaved) but I guess I feel I wanted a lot more about the society and I wanted to see more resolution.

I will give Cass this, as least she didn’t kill of America… ahem Roth.

Overall I will given this 3.5 stars, it was good, just not what I was hoping for but hey don’t trust me there are many who give it a strong five stars.

Summer Plans

Can you believe Summer is here?

As I sit back and think about the past few months I really can’t believe that it is already May and that this is already an insane year.

I am going to be traveling a lot the next few months and I really just can’t wait for the hot summer sunshine.

Summer is my favorite time of year because yes I am a fan of the hot humid summer air that Texas is known for.  So let’s get to my plans for the summer.

What do I plan on reading this summer?


It just isn’t summer without a hot Stephen King book, last summer I fell in love with Joyland and judging by the overview of this book, it will be no different.


I have been a fan of the Stephanie Plum series for years I am one of the few that does think the series needs to come to an end, but I will be very sad when it does. I can’t wait for book 21 of this hilarious series.

As far as books go, those are the only 2 I am dying to read. I know I will read a lot of different books  but these are the two I can’t wait for.

What movies am I most excited about?

When it comes to summer I feel like I am at the movies every single weekend to see movies, often more than one movie.  This summer is no different!


I am a huge fan of re-tellings, and trust me I can’t wait for this movie. I love that Disney is FINALLY giving the Villian’s more pub and I will be lined up for this movie May 30th.


When this was teased at the end of Wolverine, I am pretty sure I almost peed my pants. (I am a nerd get over it) I have been waiting very patiently for this movie, and I can’t stress enough how excited I am. Just two weeks. 🙂


I can’t help it. I loved 21 Jump Street and I feel like I am being un-loyal if I don’t go.


AS I love everything Vikings…. OBVIOUSLY this is a must see for me 🙂

Also plan on seeing but don’t want to make this post uber long, so I will list them out 🙂
Transformers 4
Snow Piercer (Umm Chris Evans anyone?)
Dawn of the Planet of the APes
Jupiter Ascending
The Purge: Anarchy (Yes I think there is something wrong with me!)
Planes: Fire & Rescue
Guardians of the Galaxy (Cause Duh!)
The Expendables 3
The Giver
Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

and that rounds up August 🙂

Places I am visiting this summer

Florida 🙂
New York City
San Diego

I will expand on those for sure in the future but I am very excited about the upcoming summer

This is going to be a very jam packed Summer and I am so excited it is FINALLY here!

What are you plans & Must Do’s this summer?