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Movie Monday

For my New Year’s Resolution I said I was going to tackle the AFI’s 100 Greatest Films List I have been slacking on this list quite a bit and have barely made a dent, and we are almost HALF way through this year. Lucky for me,  I have seen a lot of movies on this list already.   AFI recently changed the list but I am going to stick to my original list, because that is the one I wanted to conquer.   So starting today I am dedicating Monday’s to this list (and any other great movie I have seen this past weekend)  I saw Captain American for the fifth time this weekend so I won’t bore you with those details.  I don’t want to turn this into another fangirl post or rant 🙂

My goal is to start with number 100 and work my way down, so without further ado.  Here is my thoughts on

Number 100- Yankee Doodle Dandy



When I decided to watch this on Amazon the other night I didn’t realize what it was about, I thought it was about a big Fourth of July celebration up north or something.  I really had no clue what I was getting into.   For those of you that don’t know like me it is about George M Cohan, who is known as “The Man Who Owned Broadway.”

I understand why the movie is on the list, it has great acting, it is well cast and great musical numbers.  It just isn’t my cup of tea and I found myself nodding off during it.  I did enjoy the dance numbers, but I always enjoy the dancing.

Number 99 Guess Who is Coming to Dinner
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I loved this film. I loved this film to the point I started researching it. If you are not aware, this film was made in 1967 and tackled interracial marriage/relationships. An issue that is STILL very relevant today. I found it interesting that back then it took a very liberal stance (for the time period) on the topic. I found the characters refreshing, and the movie is worth seeing. I am also a huge fan of Sidney Poitier, and I am very ashamed to admit I have never seen this movie.

If I ever taught a film class I would show this film. I enjoyed it that much. In fact I started watching it at 11 pm at night and finished it. If you see one film from this list, see this one. I have so many positive things to say about this movie, and I feel it is still very relevant today. To me this is a very important film to preach tolerance, a topic that is still relevant today.

Number 98 Unforgiven


This was a good film, I understand why most view it as a great film, but to me it was just good. I am not a fan of westerns, and I do not get really that giddy over Clint Eastwood. I did find the plot interesting and very intrigued about the dark developments of Eastwood’s character, but again it did not move me like Guess Who is Coming to Dinner.

Don’t hate me though, I know Unforgiven is very much a fan favorite for a lot of people.

So there you go, I made it through three of the films and I am hoping to make it through a few more in the next week. If I had to choose a favorite I would choose Guess Who is Coming to Dinner. If you have not seen any of these films I would recommend seeing all three, but if you can only watch one, watch Guess Who is Coming to Dinner

Until next time



Draft Day Review


I managed to snag sneak passes to this movie & was able to watch it on Wednesday night.

This will be a spoiler free review as I thought the anticipation of “who was going to be drafted” was fun and I think you should have the same experience. So if you are here to find out who is drafted, well you won’t find it here.  I am not telling 🙂

When I first received the passes, I didn’t want to go, but as it was an opportunity to leave this cubicle I went, plus it had Tom Welling, and as Tom has always been my number 1… how could I not see it?  Sigh… how I miss Smallville.

Anyway, not the point.  Simply put the movie was fantastic.  It is no Oscar worthy film, but it is entertaining. The movie runs about a hour and 40 minutes, and it did not drag.   Almost everyone after the movie was chatting about how fast the movie moved  and just how entertaining.

So what’s the story?  Well the gist of the plot is simple:

Sonny Weaver Jr the GM of the Cleveland Browns snags the #1 draft pick and has to determine if he is going to go with the “anticipated”  number one draft pick  which is what the owner wants, or someone else.

Throw in a crazy mother, the very recent death of his father, a girlfriend with news, and a whole crazy cast of characters and you have one hilarious fast paced movie.  I found myself laughing, cringing, and cheering for certain characters.

I enjoyed the movie because I found it entertaining, I loved how they kept name dropping the Dallas Cowboys in a somewhat positive light.  There is an entire scene, where the coach of the Browns (who was the recent Cowboys coach) compared Dallas to Cleveland.  Let’s just say the Dallas audience was rolling.  What he says is so true and everyone in the audience knew it.

Go Cowboys!

and oh did I mention Tom Welling is in the movie? So ladies if football is not your thing, I am sure Tom Welling is. Go.

Football lovers will love it.  It will get you that small football hit, that football fans so desperately need to get through the post season as this comes out approx 1 month before the actual 2014 draft.

So what is my rating you ask? I give the movie 4 stars.

Be warned though: The movie will totally get you pumped for the upcoming draft, and season!

Go Cowboys 😉