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Meeting Jeremy Renner… and the rest of Comicpalooza

I only had one day at Comicpalooza and my goal was to make the most of the day.

First before I get into my story let me give you a fun fact. I drove to Houston late Friday night, upon my arrival I learned that JMM won a very very nifty autograph from partaking in the Marvel marathon. Talk about a pretty stellar surprise.


Yep everyone that is Scarlett Johansson autograph and it is authentic and it is MINE.

One Avenger down.

After this weekend I would be the proud owner of two Avenger’s signed posters. Not bad huh?

First things I learned from Comicpalooza.

Quidditch is a college sport…. not even kidding. Please google. I felt like my nerd card should have been ripped away from me, Harry Potter was one of my first fandoms how I did not know this…

Exhibitor badges are AWESOME!

Jeremy Renner has legitimately beautiful eyes.

John Schneider is pretty damn tall.

There is a distinct generational gap at con… one I never really noticed until I took a 13 year old to con and sent my mother a text about John Schneider.

My priority at this con was to meet Renner, I have a slight nerdy crush over the man so I was pretty excited… and nervous about meeting him.

So I figured bringing a fearless 13 year old would keep me in check for when I met him and I would totally keep it together to save face in front of her…

Yeah that was poorly planned. . .

We grabbed our tickets so we could get in line for Jeremy Renner. (side note I love when they hand out tickets for autographs, it is a way to prove I was there, especially since I was not paying $160 for the photo op)



I was pretty damn excited, I know it is silly to get excited about celebs but I am a nerd, I can’t help it.

We lined up, but the signing was postponed until 1:15 so I took Sara around to the different artists to look at their artwork and we walked around to see what other celebs were there. I didn’t really know because my focus was all about Renner.

So after some time it was time to get back in line and wait. I was pretty nervous. Sure I have met a lot of celebs, but not one that I think is well ummm hot… so I was nervous but I was trying to play it cool in front of Sara.

Then Renner walks by… and oh my goodness Sara is suddenly star struck. Very very star struck.

Yep the fearless girl I brought to keep me together is star struck.

She starts saying OMG OMG OMG over and over… to the point the lady in front of me gets nervous and the group behind me gets nervous… then the next thing I know we are all one big nervous ball of energy.

Yeah, cause that is what I needed, nervous energy before I meet Renner.

flipping fantastic.

Well finally it is time to go up and meet the guy, I figured I would let Sara go first.

She was shaking and so nervous so before she gets up there… so quickly I remind her…

“He poops like you” except I said the S word instead of poop… at this point I would say and do anything to calm her down. Granted I wasn’t nervous anymore so there is that but she had enough nervous energy for both of us and my focus was calming her down.

She laughs and walks over to him. She says hi, he signs the poster and she does a total about face and runs off… and leaves me there to meet the man alone.

I couldn’t help it I just busted out laughing, I am laughing so hard Jeremy starts laughing (pretty sure he thought I was a lunatic) I shake my head and apologize then explain she was so nervous that she had me all worked off and then left me to fend for myself.

He started laughing (this is when I noticed his eyes were like whoa), signed my poster and called me darling.

I thanked him and I am pretty sure I sighed. Actually I know I¬†sighed, I was totally swooning…

I am also 99.99% positive he called all the ladies darling, but I am going to pretend it was just me.


So two Avengers down, like Ultron I am coming for the rest ūüėČ or maybe it’s Thanos now… hmmm

Either way I still have avengers to meet… like Evans. ¬†I think I can meet him now, I held myself together for Renner. ūüôā

So after the excitement of meeting Renner was over it was time to meet a few more celebs, before it was time to head out.

Sadly I didn’t make any panels ūüôĀ

I didn’t realize that Rick Howland & Emmanuelle Vaugier were both there and I was pretty disappointed I couldn’t find a Lost Girl poster to get them to sign, so I just used their head shots. It was so fun talking the show with them, and just boosted my excitement for Dallas Con the following weekend.


Then I got to meet Richard Harmon who I had no clue who he was but Sara did… he was interesting¬†&¬†a TON of fun to meet, plus he gives one heck of a hug. I have watched The 100, I just didn’t realize that was him. That is why I love con, well one of the reasons.


Then I met John Schneider.


Funny story, I did not realize he was Bo in Dukes of Hazzard… when I sent my mom a text all excited I met Jonathan Kent from Smallville, she was like he was famous for playing Bo first….

So there you have it people con brings people of multiple generations together… another reason to love con.

I had such a great Saturday at con, I really wish I could have spent more time there, but this weekend was just too busy!

How was your comicpalooza experience?

This one time I met Nathan Fillion…

I wish I could tell you I said something witty.

I wish I could tell you I got a picture of the time I met him.

I wish I could tell you what exactly happened when I met him.

But I can’t.


This is becoming the new trend of meeting stars at Comic Con, you are pushed through so quickly that it becomes pretty anticlimactic.  I was completely nerding out over meeting him.  COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY nerding out.

Yes sometimes I forget these people are human. 


Then I met him, for like 2.3 seconds. ¬†He signed my poster smiled at me, and I went on with my life. ¬† ¬†I didn’t have time to try and sneak a picture in or anything. ¬†I completely failed as a nerd.

He was a bucket list too….

But hey, I am slowly getting this totally awesome Firefly poster finished…




Walker Stalker Con Dallas

This past Sunday my mom treated me to Walker Stalker con… and let me just say it was a blast!!!

Comic cons have become such a fad that often when I go to con I am having to shuffle through crowds, getting yelled at by security for god knows what, waiting in two hour lines, honestly my desire to go to comic con is further proof I am a lunatic because who the world wants to wait in a line to meet a person??? I do.  Obviously.


So imagine my immediate delight when I realized that the typical con experience would not occur at Walker Stalker con.  It was calm, organized and a total blast.  I was not getting yelled at by security for taking photos, I was able to walk around freely and I was able to enjoy con with my mom with no drama.

I will go back next year. 

As the title of this convention would indicate it is a Walking Dead themed con. ¬†I am very new to the Walking Dead bandwagon, but I have quickly become a fan! Don’t spoil anything I am just now about to start season 4!!!

Still I was excited about meeting two people.  Emma Bell because I am HUGE Dallas fan #BringDallasBACK and the governor.  Mom and I walked araound and came up to Emma Bell, no one was at her table so I quickly went up and struck up a conversation.

She is AWESOME.  Seriously, not only is she beautiful she was amazing.  She complimented my eye shadow, which I admit threw me for a  minute, I have never been complimented by a celebrity, please give me a minute while I stoke my ego. . .

Ok I am done, but I am pretty sure I will be talking about the time Emma Bell said she liked my eye shadow for the foreseeable future…

I learned she is about to have few indie films out (count me in!) and that she is upset about Dallas too!!! Seriously way to leave us hanging TNT!!!!! She has am immediate fan because she was beyond nice and down to earth which I always love seeing in a celeb.


Seriously!!! how cute is she?

Afterwards mom and I went and grabbed some pop corn, we sat in the Breaking Bad panel for a bit and we have decided it is time to start watching Breaking Bad (I know, bad nerd) but there is just way too much good TV and just not enough time to watch it all!

Mom and I had already gotten our tickets to meet the governor, (mom was seriously excited!!! I love when she gets excited about meeting a celeb, last time I saw her that excited was when we met Danny Glover) and got in line.  We waited maybe 20 minutes and it was finally our turn.

I just got a picture, I didn’t have anything to get signed. ¬†Mom bought an awesome drawing of “The governor” and got that signed. ¬† I took my picture, he was awesome. ¬†He was tall!! I had my 5 inch boots on (I was trying to look like some awesome zombie slayer… cause you know they totally wear boots!) and he was still taller than me.

It was my first big nerd moment of the year, and the perfect way for me to kick my con season off!


Who are you hoping to meet in 2015?  Have you had your first nerd moment of the year?

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