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The Port of Roatan

actually I think the technical name is



After we zip lined, we ran up to the room dropped off our stuff and decided to go walk around the shops and the port.

It was touristy and what is to be expected at a cruise port, but I think it had a certain charm.

For starters, sea turtles were every where…



Mahogany is a huge item in Honduras, you can find so many beautful carvings of animals… bowls, chairs…

sitting in one of the prettiest carved chairs I have ever seen....
sitting in one of the prettiest carved chairs I have ever seen….

Again this was a touristy part of the cruise, but at the same time cruises are always touristy.

Here are a few of the pics I snagged while walking around 🙂












Views of Roatan from a cruise ship

Sadly while cruising to beautiful Central America, we had stormy weather follow us.

I am still learning how to take pictures in different lighting and I thought I would practice taking photos in cloudy overcast conditions.

The view of Roatan was stunning, the jungle air was crisp & cool.  My pictures do not do it justice. AT ALL.

Here are a few of the pictures I took from the ship.  (I wanted to drop off my bags and then go back out to port, so I didn’t take many!)

DSC02450 DSC02452 DSC02453 DSC02454 DSC02456 DSC02457

Outdoor Markets

When traveling I often find one of my favorite things to do is explore outdoor markets. I am someone that works at First Monday’s here in Texas, so seeing the layouts, crafts and set ups of locals in foreign places always excites me.

The locals, the colors, smells and products always make me smile.

The cruise was no different.  Coffee and Chocolate in Honduras, Chocolate and purses in Belize, clay crafts & leather goods in Mexico. I had some pretty amazing adventures in these countries, but I found the hustle & bustle of the markets just as exciting.

I am always on a limited budget when I shop in these locations, I typically buy a small food product of the country and a Christmas Tree ornament.  I normally take a ton of photos but sadly didn’t this last trip. I think I was too distracted or something.

here are a few of the outdoor market booth pictures I took, and if you ever travel to an exotic location I recommend taking a chance and going to the local outdoor markets.  You never know WHO you will meet, or WHAT you will find. 🙂


DSC02431 DSC02433 DSC02643 DSC02644 DSC02745 DSC02746 DSC02826

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