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Honeymoon For One by Beth Orsott



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Country Book is Set in: Belize

As I have stated previously, I am on a mission to travel the world via books & movies this year.  Belize is one of my favorite countries so when I stumbled upon this book I figured I would give it ago.  Even though she was accused of murder and the story gets a little crazy this book is making me itch to get back to Belize.

The second reason this book sucked me?  That cover.  I would much rather be doing that than working claims. Just Saying.

The brief synopsis Lizzie was left at the alter but instead of tucking her tail between her legs like most would do she took off and went on her honeymoon alone.   She meets Michael who offers to play “pretend husband” and well when he ends up murdered well that is when the shenanigans begin.

As this is a country I have been to it was nice to hear how the main character wanted to go diving, snorkling and cave tubbing… all things that are worthy of doing in Belize.  This is a reason why I love reading books set in a location I want to visit.

I found Liz very refreshing she may be a little naive but at the same time I can’t blame her for wanting to have a person play husband at a “couples resort”  that plan goes awry when she meets Jack, the hot scuba instructor.

Scandalous you say? Oh that is just the beginning. 

Without a doubt I loved this book, I devoured the book in a day.  It had a little  mystery, a little steam and whole lotta fun.   This book was one plot after another

and oh there is a sea turtle named Fred.   We all know how I love sea turtles.

The characters were lovable and relatively believable.  Where is my trust fund friend though?

Go read this book, really go read this book if you are going to Belize, even though she was in a Belizean jail for a bit you will still be excited about visiting this very beautiful country.

Happy International Chocolate Day!!!!

Today is International Chocolate Day, as I have visited a Belizean Chocolate Factory I figured I would share a fun picture!  These are cacao beans!


P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary & Humane Society

After time in Guatemala I started to research animal welfare in Latin America.  Wild dogs are all over the place in Antigua.  They are harmless for the most part but it made me wonder if it is a common problem.

Animals are not really considered members of the family.  When I was looking into organizations that I would love to volunteer I found P.A.W. Cat Sanctuary & Humane Society

I feel in love with the site, the mission and the animals.  So my next step was to look up reviews.  I did not find a single bad review.    I also have very high standards on locations to volunteer with.

I am a huge supporter of IVHQ.  I was planning on going to Costa Rica next year, but I am going to have to take a small break.  I looked up IVHQ’s Animal Programs and while I know they are fantastic, I am not quite ready to go back to Guatemala.

Plus if I go back to Guatemala I am going to the coffee farm.

Anyway, that experience was life altering, so I have been looking through places to volunteer for awhile now.

Last year I vowed to go back to Belize, and I decided that next year that is what I would do.

I emailed the Founder of the Sanctuary and received a very quick heart felt response.

We bonded over rescuing animals, I come from an animal loving family that rescued their pets.  I Madi Collins all about Midnight, Sable and Goldberg.

She told me about her recent rescues.  The sweet Lynn,


Let me just say I am in love with this sweet face. She is about 3 months old, and needs a home. So if you know of anyone that may be interested in a rescue from Belize, tell them.

She also just rescued a tiny tortie named Melody, she said that she was just left inside the yard about 4 weeks ago.

It is clear that Madi Collins has a heart of gold, she cares for 80 animals and her mother.

So if you are looking for a new family member or maybe somewhere to volunteer consider this place. I know I am.

So I think I have found my destination next year everyone. I have stepped foot in Belize and the moment I got of the boat I knew I would be back.

I have found a true purpose of when to go back. I am not sure when next year, I am currently thinking I will stay at the Sanctuary in April.

If you are interested in joining me I say go for it. Belize is a beautiful country and I really believe this will be an amazing adventure.

Manatee Education Center

After we had our fun in the Belize Barrier Reef we ere taken back to the island to explore the island and relax.

Before we left I was told about the manatee education center, and I decided I wanted to go check it out before grabbing something to eat.

I want to swim with manatee’s someday and I was secretly hoping I would see one close, but I was not so lucky this time.

The center was education and a fun little room of facts about the Majestic Manatee.   I even took a picture of the water… just hoping… yeah nothing…


Here are some of my favorite pics from this quick side adventure!