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For You by Kristen Ashley


Set in: Indiana
Summary: Lieutenant Alexander Colton and February Owens were high school sweethearts. Everyone in their small town knew from the moment they met they were meant for each other. But something happened and Feb broke Colt’s heart then she turned wild and tragedy struck. Colt meted out revenge against the man who brought Feb low but even though Colt risked it all for her, Feb turned her back on him and left town.

Fifteen years later, Feb comes back to help run the family bar. But there’s so much water under the bridge separating her and Colt everyone knows they’ll never get back together.

Until someone starts hacking up people in Feb’s life. Colt is still Colt and Feb is still Feb so the town watches as Colt goes all out to find the murderer while trying to keep Feb safe.

As the bodies pile up, The Feds move in and a twisting, turning story unravels exposing a very sick man who has claimed numerous victims along the way, Feb and Colt battle their enduring attraction and the beautiful but lost history that weaves them together.

I have a love hate relationship with Kristen Ashley and her books. First she follows a pattern strong alpha male and strong female lead fall happily in love and run into the sunset. Under normal situations, this crap ticks me off, but when it comes to Kristen Ashley and her books, the send me into an out of control spiral of obsession. I got off the wagon because I need to you know… eat & sleep.

I told myself I was quitting Kristen Ashley, but I got on goodreads and read a review for a book in this series and I decided just one more book, it won’t hurt.

And oh my god, I am right back in the window of obsession. It is like my obsession with Eddie Chavez all over again.

Travel: The Three Day Runaway: Refined and Luxurious Weekend Travel on $100 Dollars a Day By Katarina Green


Summary: Travel: The Three Day Runaway: Refined and Luxurious Weekend Travel on $100 Dollars a Day
Do you want to explore the world, but feel like you lack the resources or the experience?

Do you want to make the most of a weekend in a new city?

Do you want to get the biggest bang for your buck and learn how to plan your adventures?

Do you want to skip student hostels and homemade bologna sandwiches?

Do you want luxury on a budget?

This book is perfectfor you. You will learn how to prepare yourself emotionally and logistically for a rewarding weekend in a new place. This book is really about packing in as much as possible and getting in everything you want without emptying your checking account. From how to choose your location to how to choose your dinner, this book is here to help you make great choices that will give you a great trip for the lowest possible price and the biggest possible impact.

“The Three Day Runaway” will help you plan a fun packed three days with a remarkably low price tag, and without compromising on basic luxuries.

In this book, you’ll discover:
How to work up the courage to go. How to choose a location. How to research and save your way to your destination. How to manage the line between prepare and over-planned. How to keep up your energy. How to pack for any season. How to stay well hydrated and well fed on thecheap. How to book chic lodging. How to save money on nights on the town. How to live like a local and get more for less. How to know when to say no, and when to splurge. How to save money at every step!

One good thing about planning a RTW adventure is the preparation stage, especially since I can’t do much else, although I will say my life is getting better with every paycheck.  That is a nice feeling.

Anyway, I have been using my Kindle Unlimited subscription to find books to read, especially books that are about travel, budgeting etc.  I found this book and I thought it would be fun to read since I don’t really have a target date set in stone, and I might want to take a weekend getaway.

This book is full of information, I found the book geared more towards Europe which for me isn’t really a weekend getaway, but still full of information none the less.  It gives you standard tips that any travel would know but I also found tips that were helpful in planning my trip away.  I also figured since Europe will be a stop on my RTW adventure this information will be useful.

If you are planning your RTW adventure or just a simple weekend getaway on a budget this book would be helpful in your planning.  I recommend reading this one if you are budgeting for any trip!

Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy by Maddy Raven & Monica Leonelle


Set in: Louisiana
Summary: Emma Woodhouse is planning the wedding of the century for her practically-a-sister Annabeth Taylor—but when her relationship with the best man, Jace Knightley, comes into question, she worries that their bickering will ruin everything she’s worked so hard on… and change them both in the process.

Elsie Bennet intends to make a good impression on Rosebelle’s newest family, the Bingleys, but struggles when her family interferes. And then, there’s Fitz Darcy, who comes across cold, aloof, and at times, flat-out rude. He seems to have something against Elsie and the rest of the Bennets for reasons she can’t figure out…

What would happen if Emma Woodhouse and Elsie Bennet were best friends in modern times? Find out!

A modern retelling of Emma and Pride and Prejudice, Emma + Elsie Meet Fitzwilliam Darcy is the first book in the Emma + Elsie series, a New Adult contemporary romance collaboration by Maddy Raven and Monica Leonelle (recommended for adults 16+)

Hmmm, If I am going to be honest this book took awhile to get into, I finally did start to enjoy the book, but it took almost 80 of the 121 pages to do so. Warning, it ends on a hell of a cliffhanger.

This is a modern retelling of Pride and Prejudice & Emma essentially. Imagine if Lizzie and Emma were best friends and you have this book, only set in modern times.

I am curious to see where the authors will take the series, but if I was going to recommend something I think it would be to smooth the book out a bit, it felt choppy and erratic at times. I found myself filling a lot of spots because I am such a P&P fan.

I will continue to read this series because I did enjoy it overall, I just felt a few things needed to be smoothed out. I am not sure if is because two authors wrote it and they have two writing styles but they do get major points for creativity and I will continue to read the books.

LSU fans your college is mentioned throughout this book so if you love P&P and LSU this book is def for you!

Overall I give this book three stars. Any author that appreciates P&P as much as I do gets major points in my book!

The Amazing Journey by Grady Hicks


Summary: 28 Days-24,000 miles-22 UNESCO World Heritage Sites-12 Cultures and Beliefs-1 Amazing Journey The Amazing Journey is a fast-paced, true story of Grady and Austin Hicks, a father and son who travel the world for twenty-eight days before Austin attends college. Austin is the first of three Hicks children who embark on this globe-trotting tradition with their father. In the spirit of adventure, their route and activities are kept secret-even from family. They complete daily, self-imposed Journey Tasks that deliberately immerse them into cultural authenticity, and far outside their comfort zones. As the journey unfolds, it becomes clear that these travelers are in store for much more than unfamiliar landscapes. From foreign militaries to spiritual clairvoyance, from serious illness to unnerving dares, The Amazing Journey reminds us to connect with people-be it those closest to you or those across the world-to test your limits, and to trust the Journey.

Paperback: $13.99 U.S. $17.50 CAN ISBN 13: 978-0-9864208-0-1
Hardback: $22.99 U.S. $27.25 CAN ISBN 13: 978-0-9864208-1-8
E-book: $9.99 ISBN 13: 978-0-9864208-3-2
TRAVEL / Special Interest / Family / Adventure

OH how I envy Grady & Austin. My original idea was to interview Mr. Hicks about his adventure, but as I am a claims adjuster in the Dallas area, we have had massive flooding that resulted in my extra time being dedicated to those that have lost everything. My saving grace was reading this adventure on my lunch break. Grady and Austin have accomplished what I dream of, to travel around the world jump outside of their comfort zones. I smiled, I laughed and I even talked about segments of the book with my co-workers.

Keeping their plans secret was brilliant, it was secret between father & son, and I loved exploring what they did on their secret adventure. I laughed at Grady’s take on sky diving (I agree, he is MUCH braver than me!). I loved how they planned their adventure on The Amazing Race, a show I also love.

What I enjoyed most about this story is the way that Grady expressed travel changes you. Travel is so much more than seeing the Eiffel tower and ancient ruins, it is stepping out of your comfort zone, finding who you are, immersing yourself into a different way of life. Travel changes you, and you can see the change in this memoir.

“I’m trying to prepare you for something deeper than a long weekend in Jamaica.”

This is the line that hooked me, and made me a fan of Grady. Grady get’s it, and he is preparing his son for the journey. Travel is a journey. That is why this book is amazing, Grady gets that.

I read travel memoirs I thrive on reading travel memoirs, because I love reading about experiences of other’s that travel because it gives me the satisfaction of knowing I am not alone when I preach that true travel changes you. This beautiful book does that, because not only do you see the change in Grady you see Austin change through his father’s eyes.

I can’t wait to read about the next adventure Grady is going to have with his daughter, starting in 10 days! I really hope he tweets when he can (yes I follow him on twitter now). The travel community really needs to read this book, you will not be disappointed.

This 5 star book is a heart warming story that shows the true meaning of travel. Change.

PS: Grady I am in the Dallas area! I would love to meet you & discuss your travels in further detail! I can’t wait for your next book!

Grady Hicks


Grady is a native Texan whose family has lived and
worked in North Texas since the 1850s. He is an avid
traveler who has made his home base in Arlington,
TX, where he returns to relax in the backyard with his
family and to plan his next destination. He lives with
his wife of 27 years, Belinda. Their three children now
attend university, majoring in mechanical engineering,
business communication, and elementary education.
Grady is currently writing the second book in The
Amazing Journey series and planning the global
adventure that will become the third book.