Can you really change your body in 30 days?

I was pondering this question Monday night.

Why you ask?  I never thought you would ask 😉

A lot of my dream trips & adventures include hiking, white water rafting, running a marathon, running an iron man, and the list goes on and on

Fantastic dreams but I have a small problem, I am in horrible shape.

Like really really bad shape. 

I am 31 that is pathetic.  I am pretty sure I have the body of a 50 year old.  So if I don’t change, and change soon, I am going to have big problems.

So it got me to thinking, can you really change your body to be “healthier in 30 days?

I think you can. So here is what I am going to do.

I am going to put myself out there. I am going to take weekly pictures with measurements and just see how much you can change your well being & body in a month.

In 30 days, I will give you the final run down on how I did.

I am going to take a holistic approach and try to eat “healthier” and exercise. I also plan on eliminating meat, this has been a personal goal of mine, and now is better than ever.

Cause let’s face it, I can’t escape the cubicle 100% if I am out of shape and unhealthy now can I?

I want to thank the people of Guatemala, especially the farmers, because they are really who made me realize how out of shape I am.  I have never been on a more physically demanding hike  in my life. Seriously.

To the point I am happy Pacaya was erupting, I would have NEVER been able to hike it anyway. That would have been embarrassing.

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