Burt Ward and the Batman Panel

So this one is not going to have as many photos as I was hoping because I can’t find the photos

When I went to Con with my mom, we wandered at first, because we didn’t really have a plan, we were just “winging” it until it was time to get in line for our autographs.

We came up to the ballroom and we were told that The Batman panel was about to start in 30 minutes or so.  The panel would have Julie Newmar, Burt Ward and Adam West.  We decided immediately to take a seat and wait for the panel.


The panel was fantastic.  We learned that Batman made it slightly difficult for Adam West to find another gig, that Burt Ward was selected out 11k people AND that Julie Newmar is funny as hell.

Also could Julie Newmar be anymore stunning?  She knocked the recent dark Batmans and pretty much said their’s was better because it was funny & light hearted.  She even slightly dissed the acting of the recent Batman.  She was brutally honest.  It was flat out refreshing.


“Want to know the key to living a long life, Have fun! ”  -Julie Newmar

One man got really emotional and thanked the trio for encouraging him to join the marines and another couple got engaged.  Adam West even noted they already had a baby.   It was awkward but hey still hilarious

The newly engaged couple :) Congrats ya'll
The newly engaged couple 🙂 Congrats ya’ll

This panel was a laugh a minute and it is refreshing to see actors have a lighthearted approach to the world.  Especially when they have been around for a while!


After the panel I had a little drama with Adam West’s agent, but that quickly became water under the bridge when I jumped in Mr. Ward’s line.

His line was pretty short and I asked does he require personalizing and he said no.  I then asked how many times does he get quoted a day and told me he already lost count today.

I asked if I could take a picture (ahem mom I need the pic!!!) and he said yes.

He even smiled while I took it.  Meeting him was so much fun and he has the friendliest smile and you could tell he loved being there!

Sorry for the lack of photos (especially since they are poor quality)  in this post, I only had my phone and I am still waiting on my Burt Ward photo… ahem maw get those to me asap 😉

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