Budgeting & Goals Year 3

So year 3 I plan on spending in Africa.  I plan on volunteering my way through Africa.  The countries I am planning on spending time in are Kenya, Madagascar, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia & Ghana.   I plan on spending 6 weeks working in each country on projects that are more physical.

Again accommodation & Food are considered in exchange for the work.   The projects I am planning on working on are with women, the environment & teaching projects.

While I am in Africa I do plan on spending time trekking gorillas in Rwanda.  I also want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro.  Otherwise I am more excited about getting on Africa time and spend the year working on projects & cultural exchange while I stay in home stays.  I am also going to take advantage of any language offerings I can.

Ironically, when I worked out the cost of everything it came out to $10,005.  Which is INSANE how cheap it is.  That being said I did round up to $12500, just to give me a little cushion. I fully expect Africa & Asia to stay pretty cheap. Although Asia may be expensive as I plan on visiting every country in Asia 🙂

So what is my budget goal?

Year 1- $21612
Year 2- $18250
Year 3- $12500

Total budget for 3 years? $52362 or $47 per day.

I am trying to stay more broad as I get into the years but overall I still think I will need my full 75k to get started. I am currently working and saving every single extra penny I can and I am doing pretty good. I will do a full savings & debt pay down post at the end of the year.

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