Budgeting & Goals- Month 7

So by this point I am planning on making it to South America and I plan on setting up a base of operations for about a month in Cartagena, I plan on utilizing a home stay program while I enroll in another intensive 20 hour a week Spanish school.  Overall this month is going to be pretty affordable.  Here is what I am going to shoot for budget wise during month 7.


Home stay accommodations- 30 days @ 17 per night – $510
Spanish School- 4 weeks @ 180 per week- $720
Extras- $300

Total for month 7-$1530 or $51 per day, my extras is just for anything that might be extra that comes up, the home stay also covers meals too! so overall this is a pretty cheap budget for the month.

So where am I budget wise?

Pre-Trip- $1200 (one way flight & pre-trip expenses)
Month 1- $2825 (Playa del Carmen, San Ignacio & Caye Caulker)
Month 2- $2685 (TEFL certification & Guatemala)
Month 3- $1730 (Spanish Lessons, Guatemala, El Salvador)
Month 4 & 5- $2935 (Volunteering & Costa Rica)
Month 6- $2707 (Nicaragua, Panama & cruise to Colombia)
Month 7- $1530 (Spanish School in Colombia)

Which brings my grand total to thus far? $15612 or $74 per day.

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