Budgeting & Goals- Month 6

So now I am to month 6 of my budgeting & planning. I am starting to really see the importance of getting out of debt, staying out of debt & then saving money.

I know there are 100s of people that have done the trip on the amount I have have budgeted, this is really just for my sanity while I work at a job I just can’t stand. That being said this is along the lines of what I would like to do & the general route, but I also want the flexibility of booking a last minute cheap flight to Africa if I feel like it.

Still the beauty of this whole planning a budget thing will help me gauge what I will need to take my dream trip.

So this months budget was pretty simple & I am starting to recognize the pattern that I just love beaches. This month is really about exploring & beach time so here is what my basic plan for the month would be.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua 21 days @52 per night- $1092
Panama City Panama 7 days @45 per night- $315
Cruise from Panama City to Colombia- $450

Food- $450
Surfing Lessons-$200
Tours/Museums- $200

Totals for month 6- $2707 or $90 per day.

SO again on the accommodation I choose the median number when budgeting for my trip, but in fact for the first time I felt like possibly the numbers were high because it did seem like on average private rooms were $30 a night. That being said I rather be over budgeted than under budgeted. Also I did notice that a lot of the rooms offered breakfast so it is likely I would choose one of those to help with food costs. Also as far as cruising to Colombia I have heard and read this is the way to go… and $450 is the most expensive I have seen it done, so therefore I put the most expensive cost there.

So what are my totals so far?

Pre-Trip- $1200 (one way flight & pre-trip expenses)
Month 1- $2825 (Playa del Carmen, San Ignacio & Caye Caulker)
Month 2- $2685 (TEFL certification & Guatemala)
Month 3- $1730 (Spanish Lessons, Guatemala, El Salvador)
Month 4 & 5- $2935 (Volunteering & Costa Rica)
Month 6- $2707 (Nicaragua, Panama & cruise to Colombia)

Total Budget for Trip- $14085 or approx $78 per day.  

From here I am clearly into South America, the majority of my time in South America I am hoping to do a lot of volunteer work with Help Stays & organizations.  Help Stays are great because they give you room & board in exchange for work so I am really hoping to have much lower numbers for the next 6 months.  I am planning on getting my yoga teacher certification in Peru & that will be costly, but overall I am hoping to do South America pretty cheap where I can focus on community exchange & Spanish skills.

I will share my next planned stages with you over the next few weeks.  It will be so much fun to look back on these some day & see if I did what I thought I would.

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