Budgeting & Goals- Month 4 & 5

I combined months 4 & 5 because I am planning on staying pretty grounded in Costa Rica where I plan on volunteering with sea turtles for approx 8 weeks.

This is a pretty basic budget, I really plan on working with sea turtles & then getting plenty of beach time while learning to surf in free time.  I have budgeted $500 for these two months, just for non-essentials and maybe any trips I want to take.   I really am just excited about partaking in the pura vida lifestyle and working my tan & Spanish while doing some good in the world.  So month’s 4 & 5 are combined since they will be pretty much paid together.

Volunteer fee for 8 weeks- $2235 this fee includes my room & three meals a day.
Food & nonessential- $500
Transport- $200 (based on bus schedules & some flights are within this budget)

Total Budget formonth’s 4 & 5- $2935 or $48 per day yay!!! another two months BELOW my target of $50-60 per day. The more I work on these budgets the more I realize I really can do this with some time & dedication.

SO what is my budget thus far?

Pre-Trip- $1200 (one way flight & pre-trip expenses)
Month 1- $2825 (Playa del Carmen, San Ignacio & Caye Caulker)
Month 2- $2685 (TEFL certification & Guatemala)
Month 3- $1730 (Spanish Lessons, Guatemala, El Salvador)
Month 4 & 5- $2935 (Volunteering & Costa Rica)

Total Budget for trip thus far- $11375 or approx $75 per day at this point, month 6 will be focused on visiting Nicaragua & Panama with me sailing to Colombia.  I was disappointed at the expense when researching cycling tours and I decided that it would be much better just traveling slowly the last month in Central America, before I semi hit the ground running in South America where I am planning on spending another 6 months.

But let me just say planning my loose trip to get an idea of budgeting has been so exciting I really CAN’T stop planning because even though 11 thousand dollars is SOOO much money I am shocked at how cheap I really can do  this.  now that I am taking the time to plan it out & get a general idea of what it will cost to do what I want to do.  I am seriously planning my dream trip.  I know that my plan will likely change, but part of the fun before you go on your trip is planning. I do know that my time in  Central & South America is really about giving back, relaxation & learning Spanish.  Also I am starting to feel encouraged because even though I am paying off debt and not able to save much I am already starting to slowly make strides to saving this amount.  I might actually have a solid budget by the end of the year so next year I can focus on saving what I think I will need for my dream trip.

Every day that I make a new monthly budget plan I get so pumped, it truly keeps me motivated to save & get rid of my debt!

I have decided that my target trip duration is three years.  I do not have a target trip departure date right now & likely will not have one until my debt is paid off.

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