Budgeting & Goals- Month 2

I had so much fun making a rough itinerary for my RTW trip that I decided I needed to work on my next segment.

I have said from day one when I decided to take this trip abroad I have always known I would start in Central America and work through the region slowly & taking the sights before I ventured into South America, from South America I would likely go to Europe and from there either Asia or Africa. The general route has always been semi planned in my head it was just more about the stops along the way that I have not really thought about.

After I had so much fun realizing how feasible my first month is (even though thanks to a few encouraging emails I know I have over budgeted) I decided it was to start my next month.

After I get through Mexico and Belize I am hoping to spend a couple of months in Guatemala. Yes a couple of months. I absolutely LOVE Guatemala and I can’t wait to spend some real time there.

So when I get back to Guatemala I am planning on getting my TEFL Certification. While I am getting certified I am planning on utilizing the home stay and then practicing Spanish in the evenings while I am Antigua. When I spent time in Guatemala back in 2013 I met numerous people that were doing this program that I knew without a doubt I had to do when I finally started my RTW adventure. When it is all said and done I am hoping to be fluent in Spanish & Mandarin at the end of my trip so studying Spanish while I am in Latin American is very important to me.

In fact, while I am on this trip in general I am planning on getting a lot of certifications and experiences. Travel is education right?

So this month actually is pretty cheap very cheap if you don’t factor in my certification because technically I will likely have to pay that way before hand.

In fact, I can break this month down into “goals” I will have to pay the TEFL Certification before I arrive. The 4 week intensive program is $1520. The program I reviewed gives me the option of a home stay which I plan on doing 100%. The cost of the home stay is $665 while I am in the program. The home stay includes 2 meals, so I am budgeting an extra $100 to cover lunch.

So here is my proposed budget

TEFL Certification- $1520
4 week home stay- $665
Extra Food- $100
Spanish Lessons- $400

Total is $2685 if you factor the TEFL into my daily amount calculation it is $89 per day. If you just factor in the home stay, food & Spanish lessons the amount is approx $34 per day. Guatemala is in fact this cheap. When I went to Guatemala my daily budget was around this amount.

I know the TEFL is a budget killer, but it is something I want to do abroad. One of the best things about having so much time to plan and save for this trip is I can plan and budget for hard hitters like TEFL & Yoga teacher certifications. So I have to remind myself that even though I am a bit away from my trip, I do have time by my side and once my debt is paid off I will be able to save a fair amount of my income to accomplish my dreams so I need to stay positive.

So here is a recap of all my “rough budgets” & the total “budget” set so far. I do not have a leave date & I have not set a duration just yet.

Pre-Trip- $1200 (one way flight & pre-trip expenses)-
Month 1- $2825 (Playa del Carmen, San Ignacio & Caye Caulker)
Month 2- $2685 (TEFL certification & Guatemala)

Total Proposed Budget thus far- $6710

I have researched a lot of budgets and I know my budget is higher than some because of certifications & my need for private rooms, but still this only comes out to $111 per day for the 60 days I am on my trip. Like I keep saying I would rather be over budgeted and it is nice seeing it broken down slowly, so I can set “mini savings” goals.

I have started planning month three & I am really hoping to explore and tour Guate in more detail before I venture in a volunteer stint in Costa Rica, before taking a bike tour through Costa Rica, Nicaragua & Panama.

Planning really is WAY too much fun and I can’t wait to make it a reality. šŸ™‚

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