Budgeting & Goals for months 8-12

Months 8-12 are going to be more about working through various help stays. I am hoping to teach English & work at eco resorts things of that nature. I am just going to work myself through South America. The beauty of the helpstays is that most include room & board so in actuality I won’t have to budget much money but for the sake of making sure I am budgeted I am going to budget 1200 per month just to cover an expenses that may come up. I am really wanting my first year abroad to be more about learning Spanish & different skills. This is a very long term break & I am really wanting to make sure I learn languages and really focus on building a better resume even though I am not working.

Some current helpstays (I know they could change drastically in three years) Agritourism Volunteer in Argentina, Garden work in Chile, Make Craft Beer in Ecuador, Make chocolate in Ecuador…

You get the idea. I am plan on moving from help stay to help stay. I will likely do some touristy things like visit the salt flats… etc but overall I am really wanting to do helpstays and stay with locals to fine tune my Spanish.
Pre-Trip- $1200 (one way flight & pre-trip expenses)
Month 1- $2825 (Playa del Carmen, San Ignacio & Caye Caulker)
Month 2- $2685 (TEFL certification & Guatemala)
Month 3- $1730 (Spanish Lessons, Guatemala, El Salvador)
Month 4 & 5- $2935 (Volunteering & Costa Rica)
Month 6- $2707 (Nicaragua, Panama & cruise to Colombia)
Month 7- $1530 (Spanish School in Colombia)
Month 8-12 $6000 (help stays throughout South America)

Total budget- $21,612 or $59 per day.

That rounds out my first year.    I do expect this to likely be my most expensive year, as the remaining time I am really hoping to do multiple help stays & work on multiple languages.   After I finish this year my goal is to go home for about a month, get any check ups & prepare for my next year in Europe.

Also this may be really high as I am considering TEFL certification & scuba certification BEFORE I leave, it really just comes down to time and money but we will see, my goal right now is to pretty much just get an idea how much money I would need.

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