Bucket List Adventures: Learning to Write Mandarin

I love languages. My grandfather spoke multiple languages and I was always fascinated by languages because of that.  Granted, I am not fluent in a second language but I do like learning the basics of any language and find it fun.   I also like seeing how my language improves slowly over time.

I am calling this a bucket list adventure because I am just starting on this bucket list goal and I have a very long way to go, plus I am all about teaching you as I learn and hopefully you can gain some knowledge from my mishaps.

That all being said, I have decided to tackle Mandarin.  At least writing.  I have always thought the Chinese symbols were fun and would be fun to learn.   I decided to start with numbers.  Numbers 1-50 to be exact.

Let me just say… I can assure you it isn’t that hard.  I have not tried learning to speak the language but writing it, is a lot of fun.    Once I learned the first 50 it was pretty easy to learn 51-100.  Cause when it comes to Chinese  numbers there is a pattern and it makes learning them quite easy.  Yes I made flash cards, and ran through them every single night.  I realized that regular practice is the only way I am going to get fluent.

I am not sure how numbers will really help me in Chengdu but you have to start somewhere.

SO what am I tackling this month?

The First 100 Chinese Characters


I ordered this book because after reading reviews it appears that most of the characters start with these 100 characters and build so I figured this is likely my best next step.  I also liked the work book style so I could work on this for a 20-30 minutes every night.

I can’t wait to see how much my ability might improve when I go to Chengdu in February, if at all.  When I was in Beijing I couldn’t understand anything, it will be fun to see if that changes.

Can you read or write Mandarin? If so what are you tips?


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