Bridget Jones Baby = HILARIOUS

So a few weeks ago I was very fortunate to see Bridget Jones’s Baby.

and. oh. my. god.

I could not stop laughing, like the entire movie.

See here is the thing, the first time I saw Bridget Jones’s Diary I was 18, living in Austin with absolutely no friends, no boyfriend no anything.  I was depressed going to classes but felt alone.  I had packed up and moved away to Austin from a small town & well didn’t have the easiest time meeting people and this was right after 9/11 and one of my friends who joined the military would unfortunately become one of the first causalities of that war… and well I wasn’t exactly in the best spot.   So it is safe to say emotionally I wasn’t at my best.

So one day, after a particularly depressing day my cousin who I lived with asked if I wanted to watch Bridget Jones as it had just come out on video and I said sure.  I remember laughing non stop… and I remember thinking everything would be ok some day and you know what?  It was.

Who knew that 15 years later that movie would still be my absolute favorite movie of all time.  I can watch that movie every day on repeat.  It is borderline obsessive and creepy.  I am pretty sure this movie is 100% responsible for my Colin Firth love… not P&P.

Anyway, I remember thinking “I want to be just like Bridget when I am 33”  like no shit that is what I thought.  Who the heck at 18 thinks I want to be just like Bridget Jones?????  I am a weird person.  I really  am.

So today people I am 33… and while I am not really like Bridget and she isn’t who I idolize… I do know I was excited as hell about seeing Bridget Jones’s Baby and when the opportunity was given to see it before everyone else… well of course I jumped.

OK everyone… I am not going to SPOIL ANYTHING.  I promise.  I am not going to tell you who the father is, I am not going to give away crazy details… so you don’t have to worry about that.

The movie starts with Bridget dancing and being her typical self, Mr. Darcy isn’t in the picture anymore so she is just being Bridget trying to do the best she can do.

Well fast forward and Ms. Bridget is going to find herself in a situation.  She either is pregnant by the rich American Jack or Mr. Darcy (who we all know and love)

Now I am sorry that is not really a bad situation to be in if you ask me but anyway I digress.

How she got into this situation and everything that happens after it is hilarious.  There was one point in the movie where I am pretty sure I missed 1-2 minutes of the movie because I was laughing so stinking hard.   It has been a very long time that I laughed THAT hard.

I also loved how they tied the “millennial” attitude into the movie.  That too was hilarious.  I mean if I had to sum this entire movie up in one word… it would be hilarious.  My stomach hurt from laughing so hard when I left that movie.

I wasn’t alone by the way, I like observing people in premiers just to see if I am the only one laughing like an idiot.  I wasn’t.

So I am going to leave you with this… you love the franchise go see the movie I can assure you YOU will not be let down.

Plus don’t you want to know who the father is????




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