Book Review Sunday- Rock Chick Series

This post is going to have multiple book reviews in it, because I loved this series so much I read a book a day.

Yep you read that right, a book a day. So here are my thoughts on the books. There are some minor spoilers and a few curse words so sorry it is not my usual PG. There will be some ranting & raving, and the reviews are what I wrote for goodreads with a few extras.

Book one- Rock Chick (story of Indy & Lee)


I have a confession. Actually it is not much of a confession as I am often ranting and raving about this topic. Review has a couple of curse words… sorry in advance.

I hate fictional controlling men, I do not find it sexy when a man tells a woman to change, what to do, what to wear. I can’t even finish the shades of gray series because I loathe Christian Gray

It is because I am the stereotypical headstrong stubborn Texas woman. I don’t like being told what to do and often if someone tells me what to do I do it and do it again and will give you a wink and smile as I do it.

Pardon my french ya’ll but if you are going to tell me what to do, I am often going to tell you to go fuck yourself. Sorry I digress.

But with every rule has an exception. That exception is Lee… and Eddie…. and Hank…and Vance… Luke… and Mace… you get my point

Lee is the type of man that tells you to jump and you say how high master.

I am not sure if I woke up in some form of an alternative reality or what, but Lee is one hot man.

Too bad he is fictional.

Anyway, this book was a laugh a minute. I could not stop laughing.

Indy is so much like me which is why I like her.

I think because Indy was so headstrong is why I liked her. I also think she contributed to Lee.

She told Lee about his possessiveness and also told him off when needed.

Maybe that is what a controlling man needs is a stubborn woman.

I don’t think I can tell you how much I loved this book, I loved it so much that I bought the next book and it kept me up LATE last night too.

This series is fantastic.

I laughed a LOT during this book. In fact my father was watching Game of Thrones when I busted out laughing… he looks at me and says why is it funny that so and so is dying.

I told him it was my book. I was laughing that hard!

Anyway if you need a laugh a minute or a new hot fictional boyfriend, do yourself a favor and read this.

Like now.

Book 2 Rock Chick Rescue (the story of Eddie & Jet)


Umm gonna be honest here, I finished this book in less than 20 hours.  20 hours that I worked 8 of them and slept 4… It was that good and when I tell you I want an Eddie Chavez well you get my point…

Furthermore, Houston I have a problem. A big problem.

I am freaking obsessing over this book, and having some serious relationships with fictional men.  I am a fictional man WHORE.  Seriously, who obsesses over multiple fictional men.

First there was Lee now there is freaking Eddie. I am sorry but can’t handle all this possessive testosterone.

Furthermore, I am pretty sure when I am 80 I am going to look back to the week of June 15, 2014… as the week I lost my FREAKING mind.

Hot damn ya’ll I love these books.

In fact I am about to start book 3… like now.

My lovely friend Ashley has been encouraging me and telling me that I am gasp a normal woman. I pride myself on the fact that I am like not normal, and enjoy putting controlling jerks in their place.

As I said in my review of Rock Chick… I hate controlling jerks of men… so why do I find not only Lee but Eddie super sexy?

Seriously guys this book is a steamy hot mess. A hot mess that I am sure is going to keep me up late tonight too.

Ok let me go find that fan and cool down 😉 Like I said LOST IT

Book 3 Rock Chick Redemption (Roxie & Hank’s story)


It’s official until I’m done with this series these books have officially taken over my life

OK I am clearly a lunatic and this is the week I will remember as the time lost her ever loving mind and didn’t eat because she had to read a book series.

Seriously I am sitting here wondering why I am hungry and I realized I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning?

Why you ask?

Every chance I get to read these books I am reading them. I just don’t get it?

This series HAS everything I hate

Insta-love (with the exception of book 1)
Controlling Possessive men
Again Controlling Possessive men
Unrealistic situations

Everything that normally forces me to give a book 1-2 stars but you know what I love this book, I can’t get enough of them. I want so much more it is sick!

I apologize for NOTHING.

Each book has the same plot, sexy man helps a damsel in distress (another thing that makes me roll my eyes!) and the woman falls instantly head over heels for the very sexy man. Hell I can’t fault these women for falling in love cause I am in love myself!

Again I love it even though NORMAL RATIONAL JEN would hate it.

I wish I knew why. I really do.

This book was Hank & Roxie’s story and yet again this book kept me up to all hours of the night and forced me to jump into the next book.

I really can’t wait to be done with this insanity so I can start reading other books, and go back to my eye rolling no nonsense Jen.

I miss her.

So as I am ranting I feel I should say (AGAIN!) for whatever reason I love these books.

I even tweeted the author asking if she had these dude’s phone numbers…

No I am not even joking. I wish I was. I really do.

Well enough ranting and raving I am almost done with book four.

No I am not joking. I wish I was.


Told you, totally not my proudest moment

Book 4 Rock Chick Renegade (Law and Vance’s story)


Hot damn this book was hot!

Thanks to me staying up until 2 AM I finished this book in record speed. less than 12 hours.

God. Help. Me.

I am pretty sure that this might have been my favorite book so far. I loved Vance, in fact Vance may be my favorite “Hero”

He respected that Law needed space and gave it to her, but then came around when he realized that she didn’t want it.

He respected her, and it is pretty clear that he is overall a good man… even though he was a “player” in the other books.

So to sum it up I freaking loved Vance.

That being said I loved Law too.

I get vigilante justice, in fact I say and mean it when I say you have F with my family you will F with me.

So I have made respect for Law.

This book was fantastic and just further proof this series has completely taken over my life.

PS I am serious crushing on Mace… I can’t wait to here HIS story 😉

Book 5 Rock Star Revenge (Ava  & Luke’s story)


You know each book is essentially the same within the first chapter you know who the HERO and THE ROCK CHICK will be, you will have a small part of insta love… and you will have a small love triangle, but it is hard to call it a love triangle, because it is clear from the jump who the rock chick wants.

As I am book 5, normal Jen would be sick of this and not blowing through the book.

For whatever reason “normal” Jen is on vacation and “lunatic” Jen is loving this series.

I have admitted that I am a fictional boyfriend whore because of this series and ladies and gents it is time to add another man. Luke.

Seriously, these PI’s are so hot you have to know it is fictional.

I still think Lee is my favorite though, Lee had a couple of scenes in this book that made my heart melt.

I love Lee.

Anyway, this was not an insta love situation, which was nice. Like the first book Luke & Ava have known each other since they were little and kept their feelings a secret.

and oh can I say Luke would give Mr. Grey a run for his money on the demanding aspect. Luke is hot, Grey… not so much.

I am still having fun with this series and as I have a busy weekend coming up I am not sure how much I will get through, I only have three books left… which makes me very very sad.

I just started the next one and once again it is the exact same thing.

You know what though? I don’t care.

Rock Chick Reckoning (Stella & Mace’s story)


God. When I say I love these books because they are fun and sexy.
This book was dark and intense.

However, when it comes to Mace I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Mace’s story was intense, it was a life you hope know one you know has.

It makes him raw & damaged, which is what you want from time to time with your main man.

Stella was damaged goods too.

Seriously this story was not like the others where the hot bunch give you the warm fuzzies and say yowza.

I won’t say much about this story but oh my god, Stella and Mace couldn’t be better matched.

I am pretty sure this is by far my favorite book of the series. I was so shocked at how much Mace’s story touched me.

Also I just want to share with you… I googled Rock Chick Men, and found this…


You got me?

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