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Man I love Anita Blake. It does not look like I am going to get caught up on the series this year, but that is not from lack of trying. I just can’t get enough of this series.

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I love this series. Really love it. Anita is such a strong female lead character, that is often lacking in so many current books. That being said, while she is strong she is not afraid to admit her weaknesses which makes her that much better.


I loved Bloody Bones, it may be my favorite thus far.


The character development has taken a nice pace and I think what we learned about the characters, especially Anita in this book has come to a peak (at least this far)


Anita is a strong necromancer, but she must be stronger than anticipated, however a certain vampire is able to bring her to her knees. (Won’t spoil THAT scene for you, it is a very intense scene!)


I have heard rumors of how the series progresses and that the series will take a very erotic turn soon, and I believe it the way this book brought up the sex topic more than once.


The last line of the book had a cliffhanger feel to me, and it made me dive into the next book. In fact it may be my favorite last line of a book… like EVER


I really love Jean Claude. We learn some juicy tidbits about Jean Claude in this book, and man they are juicy. I know he is a fictional character, but let’s just say I want him to tear his teeth into me. He may be my favorite supernatural character… Well supernatural Vampire.


I MUST say this again, THANK GOD these vamps don’t sparkle. Seriously, in fact the vamps in this story are perfect. They are evil, they are manipulative… they are perfect evil little beings… I love it.


We have a new supernatural being introduced into this book, Fairies, and SHOCKER they are of course up to no good.


I will say this book, was a great installment in the series, and I will continue to read the series. It really is that fantastic.

I give this book…


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