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before there was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there was Anita Blake.  When I decided to start trying to read this series.  I did not expect the delightfully disgusting moments in


Man this book juicy. Really juicy.

Anita is of course the usual badass that you know and love in the prior books.
Jean Claude is the manipulative vampire he is in the prior books.

What made this one special to me is the fact that it had some juicy gut wrenching moments.

The cringe worthy moment is the detailed watching of a SPOILER ALERT snuff film END SPOILER. AS I was reading that scene my stomach was feeling sick. I was not expecting this scene, and I really hope I can get the images out of my mind.

So anyway, yeah I wanted to warn you of that, because I wish someone would have warned me on that.

Why did I love this book. Richard and Jean Claude.

I think Richard is a great fit for Anita and I think Anita needs Richard to maybe drop a little of guard.

Jean Claude is a great vampire. In fact I would say with all the vampires out there…. he is the best (except for maybe Spike) He is how I expect vampires to be written, cold, demanding, protective, cruel, manipulative and hot… not ummm SPARKLY. I will never understand the sparkly vampire thing.

Also I am loving the alpha male battle going on between Jean Claude and Richard right now.

I say if you like a little gore, read this series, but honestly you can do without reading that snuff film scene. That was gross and I seriously wonder Hamilton dreams about.  This book was by far the most graphic of the books I have read in this series, but I think that is how a book should be, especially when it comes to things that go bump in the night.

My rating?


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