Succubus Shadows by Richelle Mead


The more I read this series, the more I LOVE this series.


This book was a good one; we get to see more of Georgina’s past, or at least what is implied as her past.


We get to see how the men in her life really care about her… it is yummy . . . and seriously I LOVE Roman.


After reading this book, I just really wish she would get it on with Roman.  I know everyone loves Seth, and sure Seth is great, but MAN I just want her to have one last juicy fling with Roman. Minor Spoiler Alert*** After THAT ending I don’t think we will see it***END SPOILER***


Carter. Oh Carter.  I am not sure if it is because I am a bad human or what, but  harbor a secret.  I have a little hope that Carter & Georgie will hook up.  I know Bad Jen.  I know.  I just love Carter, I mean come on how can you not love Carter? He burned up a Christmas Tree at Georgina’s House with his cig.  I just love Carter.


Jerome. We find out how much Jerome does care about Georgina, even if he is a demon he clearly cares about her, in his demonic way.


Seth. I get it, that is her main love interest, but I have always just been indifferent to Seth.  He is not a character that just screams best love interest to me.  I wish he would go away, but clearly he is not.  This does not ruin the story for me though. I mean it isn’t like Seth is some controlling A-hole,  that is wrapped up in a neat hot package.  (example Cullin, Grey… you ge my point)


All in all, I am ready to start the next book… asap.  I love this series, and while I am excited to find out what happens FINALLY in the last book, I can say without a doubt I am going to be very very sad it is over.


I give this book


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