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Oh how I looked forward to this book.  I have loved this series since day one.  Warning MAJOR Spoilers ahead.  I will try to warn ya though…

I tried so hard not to rush through this book, I told myself I would not start reading it at midnight when it came out because I had to be a grown up and go to work.  The next day while I was at work, and asked if I wanted to go eat “Authentic” Chinese food, I was ready to go, until I remembered I had this book to read and that is when it began…

I read on my lunch break, by time my lunch break was over, I was 13% completed with the book. So did I stop reading while I was at work and after my lunchbreak?  No.  I kept reading incognito on my iPhone.  Looking over my shoulder for the boss.  and I read and I read and I read.

Veronica Roth, I am so beyond sad, this series is over.  Devestated.  I am serious. I am even more devestated at HOW you ended this series.  Shame on you.

As most are aware it is told from Tris & Tobias’s perspective.   I find it interesting that the book used Tris’s nickname and Tobias’s real name… not sure why that interested me, but it did.  I also wondered why, well come Chaper 51 I understood.

The book gets moving fast, I mean fast, in the first 24% you find out who the Allegiant are and what they are doing, Two trials one for Tris & one for Caleb, a fight that results in a death of a chartacer that has been there since the beginning, Four’s fear land scape, why they formed the factions and oh maybe the most important part… what it means to be Divergent. Yep Roth covers all that and then some  All that in the first 24%.   Shut the Damn Door.. might as well call it quits, all my ORIGINAL  questions are answered, but rest assured I had more questions at the end of this 24%.

Needless to say, I  knew by the end of my lunch break I was going to have to power through my day and get to reading, but nope I kept reading while sitting at my desk incognito.  In fact when I had to drive home I paid tolls so I could get home faster and read some more.

Veronica Roth if I had gotten busted, I would have sent you my resume as your AMAZING book is the reason I could not STOP READING!!!!!

Let me say the romance between Tris & Four gets steamier. Which I am famous for not caring about, but I kinda dug this. There love and passion was effortless, and I appreciated that.  I just knew they would have a happy ending.  SPOILER ALERT. They will not! END SPOILER

We finally see Four’s fear landscape and it was great, if not predictable.  SPOILER AHEAD SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO KNOW>>>NOW  Four still sees Marcus in his landscape, but he doesn’t fear Marcus, but becoming him, which I found to be a very realistic fear, and I appreciated that.  END SPOILER

Ok I have to be honest, when Insurgent ended, I thought the book would take a completely different direction, all I can say without spoiling the book, what lies outside the walls is NOT even what I thought would happen.  I remember when I had finished about 70% of the book, I was like “huh, this is really not the direction I thought the book would take” but in a way, I feel the book took a natural direction, and one that makes sense.

One that is true to human nature…

 MAJOR SPOILER ALERT***OK now here comes the rant, and this entire rant will be a spoiler…so if you do not want the ending ruined skip now.  There will be MAJOR spoilers in this rant…. OK long story short the city Tris & Tobias were raised in was practically an experiement, well given they are fighting amongst themselves, well the scientist’s cant have that, so they are going to “reset” the program by using the memory syrum.   Well you know Tris isn’t having that.   So long story short… and don’t worry friends my rant is about to come…  Someone is going to have to die in order to prevent the scientists from resetting the “experiment” and you know? I am ok with that of course someone is going to die, and you know, from the very beginning I just had a gut feeling that Tobias was going to die.

I couldn’t be more wrong

Caleb volunteers there are tears shed, Tris goes with him in the end BUT WAIT Tris being Tris can’t have him sacraficing himself for the wrong reasons… and in an confortnation with soldiers she takes him hostage and tells Caleb to tell Tobias, she didn’t want to go… or some crap like that.

But wait fellow readers…. the drama doesn’t end there. She makes it through the death syrum… yeah I forgot to mention that, when you break into the weapons lab it sets off the Eruidte’s death syrum.  THE DEATH SYRUM DOES NOT KILL TRIS!!!! YAY Tris is going to live.

Well Guess what David Kills her.

Yep you read that right David kills TRIS!!!!


At first I was stunned, and I was like wow Roth is quite Dauntless, I mean who kills their MAIN CHARACTER OFF??? I was like you go girl way to make a Brave decision, because she is going to get a crap ton of backlash … then I started to think about it… IN fact I thought this was a five star book at first.  Now I give this book


and here is why.  I struggled with the rating I wanted to give this book, I truly loved the world building of Divergent, it felt unique it felt different.  I loved Tris, and you know it is not even the fact that she killed Tris, not everyone has a happy ending, not everyone is going to be happy.  The real world, especially the world where war has taken place, is broken, it takes time to heal, there will be loss, it is realistic….

I give her credit for that, it was a realistic ending the hero doesn’t always survive, but I TRULY feel the only reason she killed Tris was for shock factor to get her story trending on yahoo, which it did by the way… I think she turned into another dystopian author who is trying to outdo the last Dystopian novel.

and that bothers me, I read a lot of Dystopia but I have noticed a disturbing trend that the authors are trying to out do the Hunger Games, because let’s face it, the Hunger Games was different, kids killing kids (it is shocking) but like every thing else in this world, someone has to out do the last… and that is what I think Roth did here.

Tris’s death was truly pointless, and that bothers me.  I know it is pathetic to get wrapped up and emotionally involved in characters, but I truly loved the series now… I feel like I want my time spent reading it back and I wish I would have never read the book.  Never.

And honestly I am not even going to get started on how she wrote Tobias in this book, Tobias will NEVER have a happy ending, even if she wanted us to feel that way by writing that mend crap line as the last line of the book.  Ugh, I can’t even focus on that right now…

as for the movies? I am just not sure if I will go see it, I loved Divergent and Insurgent, but I highly doubt I will go see Allegiant.

I will give Roth credit though, she sought out to get people talking about Allegiant, and that is exactly what she did.

well those are my two cents… but do yourself a favor don’t start the series.

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