Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

Ok this week’s book is


If my thoughts seem confusing, well believe me I was confused after reading this book. I can’t even get my thoughts in order to write a proper review, so I will do what I do best… rant 🙂

As always my reviews may contain spoilers but at this point with the series being a wreck, I am not sure what I am going to spoil.

OK, slaps hands together, and rubs quickly.

Just like the last book, I really feel Harris is writing for the TV show, which again I am not going to get into the train wreck that is True Blood, if you like it good for you, I find it to be a train wreck that ruined a series I truly enjoyed. I am giving this book,


why you ask? Because Bubba ia back and Alcide gets naked.  That was worth three stars, had that not happened I would have likely given in 1-2.

This book for the most part is all about Sookie’s struggles, you know scratch that, I am not sure what the point of this book was about, the first 75% of the book I felt like it was why this why that, omg my grand mother had an affair. what? huh? why me?  I am telling you this book was all over the PLACE!

Why? Why? Why?

Well here is what I want to know, why did you Ms. Harris, change your style of writing? You were successful BEFORE the TV show, part of  me really thinks that she knows the story is so off track she is writing a story to help the book align with the Tv show.


OK let me get of this rant, and break it down for you.  especially for those of you that love True Blood (don’t worry I am not dissing you, I watch it every Sunday with 3-4 True Blood lovers, so I get it)

Ok what the hell is going on with Eric? I am having a hard time visualizing the Eric, he seems weak and whiney to me, no where near the striking Viking I liked in the first few books.

I was glad the bond was broken, really I was, I felt the bond is where the series started to go down hill.  I am hoping the next book bring sthe strong willed Eric back, that was at least exciting.

Here is my second issue of the night folks? WHERE IS THE STRONG WOMAN SOOKIE??? I noticed this issue in the last book, and I think out of EVERYTHING this bothers me the most, she had no problem putting Bill & Quinn in check but it is like she can’t put Eric in his place.  It bothers me.

Now the seen with Alcide naked in Sook’s bed, that cracked me up.

Overall I am going to finish this series and put this train wreck behind me and you know what watch the show, cause Alcide is hot, and he gets naked.   Cause if you can’t beat em join em

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