Book Review Sunday

I am going to start doing something new this week, I am on a huge reading binge and want to share all the books I have read with you.   So without further ado, the books I read last week…


I gave this book 5 stars

This is a very fun book.

This book is witty, charming and a hilarious ride.

Sure there are parts of when the main character makes you slap your forehead and say REALLY????!!!! but overall this a very fun book, and exactly what I am needing to recover from all the depressing dystopia I have been reading lately.

I loved the main character and felt she was realistic. Or at least how I would imagine a teenage spy to be.

The supporting characters were also fun. They supported the main character and made the story move smoothly.

The Plot: Maggie is ordered to make friends with a boy who’s father is going to sell out her family. What could go wrong with this I wonder? You guessed it she falls for him and it makes for one hilarious fun ride and just goes to show even spies have feelings.

Can’t blame the girl though, he is pretty swoon worthy.

This book was so fun, I am starting the second book ASAP!

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