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This was a hard book for me to come up with a rating. I liked it but at the same time I didn’t.

When I talk to friends that have read the series the first question they always ask..

I don’t care about what happened in the book, are you happy with who she ended up with?

If I was going to answer this honestly I would say no.

Don’t worry I am not going to remotely spoil it for you, although I feel it is so obvious and predictable in book 2 that I am not sure why this is even still a question.

Maxon vs Aspen

At the end of book 2, I felt it was VERY clear who America has chosen. I guess it was really only obvious to me because there was still a debate on Goodreads.

Either way I digress, why did I like the book, when I first started reading the book I really felt we would get more answers about the actual society she was living in, who are the rebels? What do they want? What will happen to Maxon? What will happen to Aspen?

Well we get answers to those, but this where the book falls short,I felt the book was moving at a great pace adding lots of intrigue and mystery when

It just ends.

It all just magically falls into place in one perfectly cut out package with no clear cut understanding of how it got there.

This society is broken, there are issues. a society based on corruption and brutality and then it magically resolves?

Well I shouldn’t say it resolves, because in a lot of ways it doesn’t….

Do you see my confusion?

That is why I am having a hard time writing this review, I feel like there should be another book.

Do you find out who America chooses? Yes.

Is it a happy ending? No I don’t think so.

Overall the series is a great series (even if the author is badly behaved) but I guess I feel I wanted a lot more about the society and I wanted to see more resolution.

I will give Cass this, as least she didn’t kill of America… ahem Roth.

Overall I will given this 3.5 stars, it was good, just not what I was hoping for but hey don’t trust me there are many who give it a strong five stars.

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