Book Review Sunday

I am kinda feeling Disney right now, and feel the need to share a Disney “themed” book with you. I say “themed” because this book is in NO WAY endorsed by Disney.

Today’s book is


OK everyone, let me just say I love this book, and it is a five star book for me.

I am going to give you the following warnings

1. Again this book is not endorsed by Disney.
2. This book is very ummm crude. There are “talks” of sex, drugs, and a whole lot of illegal activity
3. This book is for people who love reading ALL aspects of Disney, even the crude ones.
4. This book is graphic.

OK sounds like a funny book you would like to read? Keep reading on.

I laughed so freaking hard throughout this book. Every page I was laughing at some story the author told. Let’s face it everyone the very polite and professional cast memebers are HUMAN, and given that they partake in some very HUMAN behaviors.

This author’s love for Disney has made him partake in some crazy funny stories.

There is also a story about the rumored Disney Jail. hmmmm….

All I can say is we all know Walt had a sense of humor, and I think he would have cracked a smile over some of the stories… (well maybe not about how to go to Disney for free…)

I loved this book, and I enjoy reading “stories” from the park, and while this is not the happy go lucky stories we hear from the park… I think it is still pretty funny.

READ WITH CAUTION. Like I said, this book is not for everyone.

If you are with me, let’s go Booze our Dole Whip 😉

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