Book Review Sunday

OK. Deep Breath. Another Deep Breath.


Warning you that my review  will contact some spoilers, nothing too major that will ruin the book for you, and I suspect I will get on a soap box.

Again warning minor spoilers ahead, actually it is more of a situation spoiler, and one that happens quickly in the book.

Let me start of by saying I loved this book.
Let me follow that up with, every time I read a book based in a dystopian world, or post apocalyptic world I find myself wondering what I would be like if I was in this world, do I understand where the character is coming from, would I be like him/her, is she an idiot? That sort of thing.

I can say after many moments of thinking about this book, I do not want to live in this world, this world truly feels hopeless to me, yet as hopeless as it seems the main character seems to find love.

I can’t fathom a world that I would have died at 20. I remember me at 20, I have barely lived life and experienced anything. I just can’t imagine.

Now, as hopeless as this world may seem now, I highly suspect her parents found a way to solve the problem… now that is just foreshadowing, and I have not read the next books, but that is what I think now.

OK now for the parts that made my stomach sick. In today’s society, it is not acceptable for a 21 year old to have sex with a 13 year old. I found myself completely sickened by that and because of that I will never like the man she married. Never. I don’t care if he comes to terms with what he did. That was disgusting to me, I understand that in this society that is just the way it is, but that doesn’t make it right. I think it bothers me because this crap is going on in our world now. Ugh. Ok I am getting off my soap box now. But I will never under any circumstances like the husband in this story. I don’t even care what his name is. He is garbage. Honestly I hope he dies by the end of the story. Him and his even more disgusting father.

I do LOVE Gabriel though. I am happy to see where they are going.

Like I always say, I feel it is a sign of a good author when feelings and emotions for characters are brought to the surface. DeStefano does this which is the sign of a talented author. I will read the remaining books in this series, and I will keep my fingers crossed the two disgusting men die but knowing my luck it will be Gabriel.

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