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Anita Anita Anita

I just don’t know what to do with you. I wish I was one of your friends so I can smack some sense into you and please stop making out with everyone.  well I guess at the end you decided to stop making out with everyone

This book was sexually charged for sure, but not nearly as much as the last one, which I was happy with.

I am concerned about where the series is going because the last chapter made it sound like she is giving up the police work and what have you, which is honestly my favorite thing about the series.

The triangle is still present and man I just wish she would choose ONE and stand by her choice. I really do.

As far as the plot? Man, there was so much going on in this book I am pretty sure the only one that could keep up is one on a bad LSD trip, but in typical Hamilton fashion it all resolved nicely by the next to last chapter.

and oh, I am serious have you noticed that when girls play with vampires, they always end up in big trouble? If vamps are real, I suspect I am steering clear thanks to all the vampire novels I have read.

Well on to the next, because I am really curious where this vampire ride is taking me, because boy oh boy Anita is turning into a hot mess….

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