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I have lots to say about this book, first this is a great fast paced read for those who love mystery with a little erotica thrown in.

First *claps hands together and rubs quickly* let’s get to Jake.

Jake, sweet sweet Jake. You need a quick swift kick in the balls, I will never understand why tolerating a man’s behavior is hot, but man this kid needs a quick swift kick. Seriously.

Yeah yeah he grows on you and you start to understand him in the end, but man if I did not value my kindle so much it would have been tossed across the room. Ugh.

Which bring me to two my second point of why this book earned 5 stars. I think it is a the sign of a great author when such strong emotion is brought up over a characters. And let me tell you my feelings were strong about him.

I didn’t like him. Sorry ladies I didn’t. I know most will but ugh he sickens me. I don’t care if he had a tough up bringing.

I did however love Charlie & Justin. I loved everything about them. They are a strong characters that have had a tough life too, but they don’t act like sleezeballs like Jake.

Can you tell I don’t like Jake? lol

That being said, the sex is steamy, the mystery is great in this book, and there was even a few minutes that I sat back and said hmmm didn’t see that coming.

If you are in a need a short saucy read, then never fear make it your Special Assignment to read Special Assignment.

Get it? hahaha sometimes I crack myself up!

This booked earned 5 stars from me!

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