Book Review Sunday

this is my first book review of the year, fresh off my 2014 Want to Read list.  It was a solid 4 star book.  Started slow in my opinion, but quickly picked up the pace.
under the never sky
This book took me a little while to get into it, in fact I was at about 50% before I really started getting into the plot.

The world building is slow, but it is a trilogy and I suspect it will be built eventually.  Rossi can’t dish all the secrets in book one, why would we read book 2 & 3, had we found out EVERYTHING in this book, so I will give her a slight reprieve… for now.

I have way too many questions about the Aether… like what the hell is it? I read the reviews to this book, and let’s face it I am very late to this ball game, but I noticed a lot of people had this question about the Aether?

What is Aether you ask? Good question, wish my review could solve this mystery for you, it can’t.

The main POV characters were slowly developed too, but once Rossi started scratching their surface I found myself liking them. Especially Aria.

The technology in the book will satisfy any techno geek, who else wants a smarteye?  I do.

and man what a nice twist at the end, I didn’t see that coming, maybe I should have, but I was so focused on what the hell was Aether, that I think I might have missed a few clues.

So needless to say, I enjoyed this book and I will keep reading just to find out what Aether is, hopefully I do.

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