Book Review Sunday


I knew going into this part of the series the books would have more erotica than the first 5 books. while I am not the biggest fan of erotica, it doesn’t necessarily bother me in Anita Blake.

This book had a lot of story lines, that all came together in a very crazy, exotic way in the very end.

One warning I will give about this book, it is very sexually violent. VERY. In fact there were a few times I had to stop reading because it was pretty rough. Then again that is how rape is. It is not something that should be sugar coated. It is brutal and violent.

Overall I still can’t get enough of Anita Blake, and I will still continue to read this series.

I am not getting too much into the plot because the plot was intense, but it was very fast paced which resulted in this book being a true page turner.

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