Blood Ran Cold (Karl Vollen #1) by Sten Ostberg

Summary: Karl and Marte Vollan live in an isolated farmhouse in rural Norway.

It seems like paradise until suddenly it becomes a living nightmare.

During the dead of winter Karl tries to drive heavily pregnant Marte to hospital. But before he can get his car out of the thick snow and off their land they are attacked by a hooded figure. The stranger is holding a hatchet … and it is covered in dark blood.

Karl desperately tries to get them both away, but their attacker overpowers them. He escorts them back to their home, locks the doors and cuts the phone lines.

Suddenly Karl realises knows who he is.

He knows he was committed to a mental institution.

He knows he has broken out of prison.

And he knows he is a convicted murderer.

But does the attacker recognise Karl? Does he realise Karl is a retired policeman?

As Marte’s labour pains get increasing worse, Karl becomes more and more desperate. There must be a way out.

Why has the attacker targeted their farmhouse?

Was it just a coincidence or is he here to kill them?

Karl will do anything to save the lives of Marte and their unborn child.

But how far will he have to go?

And how long will it be before blood runs cold …?

Blood Ran Cold is a Scandinavian psychological thriller from debut author Sten Ostberg.

‘Chilling and haunting with a twist I never saw coming …’ Tom Kasey, best-selling author of Trade Off.

Sten Ostberg (is a journalist and author who lives with his wife and three children in Tromso, Norway. BLOOD RAN COLD is his first novel. He is currently working on his second thriller featuring Karl Vollan, CHILL THE BONES .

My Review:  I really love short stories that can keep you engaged and make you want more.   The characters were quickly developed in such a short time which was really fun.

Also the bad guy?  He was wicked and I really enjoyed the fear that was projected by the main characters.

The setting was Tromso and I am going to be honest a lot of authors use Tromso for a horror book settings and I am really debating if I ever want to go there.  I swear only crazy people live there.  (just kidding, but no really maybe stop using Tromso as a horror setting)

Such a great short read that I highly recommend if you only have a short amount of time to be entertained.

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