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Credit: TV by the Numbers
Credit: TV by the Numbers

So with my upcoming travel plans in 2015, it is not really a secret that I have myself on lockdown spending wise.

However, as I am a girl that needs entertainment or I will get bored I have been utilizing my mother’s netflix subscription and binging on TV.  I also have been using the heck out of my Kindle Unlimited subscription.

As I am not going anywhere until February, it is safe to say that my blog will most likely be filled with TV, movie and book reviews as adventures will be in short supply.  So this is me giving your fair warning.

I will also share craft projects, because well I have a lot of unfinished projects that I will get to work on.

I have to keep myself busy, because traveling is expensive. (well when you go on vacations anyway)

So as usual I digress, I started Bitten last week and I finished it within 48 hours.  Shameful, but I do not apologize because I loved the show.

It is my understanding the book is based on a book series and I have not read the series.  So I am unable to confirm or deny if it follows the books or not, all I can say about the TV series is a LOVE IT.

I am so ready for Season 2.

The show centers around Elena who was changed by her lover Clay into a werewolf, and she is disgusted by what she is.  Since she hates what she is she has left her home behind and ran off to Toronto where she has a new human boyfriend.

As luck would have it, strays are killing humans (strays are what they call weres that do not belong to a pack) and pretty much framing the wolves of Stone Haven. The plot is pretty solid, and keeps you guessing.

But who cares about the plot?  

Let’s talk about Clay.

Credit: Syfy
Credit: Syfy


At first, I was not pro- Clay… but boy oh boy this man has stole my heart. I am not one that typically gets into the whole “my life sucks, but I am so smart I can be grungy look”  but damn.  This man gets hotter and hotter with every episode.

Not to mention, there is more to his story, but you will have to watch almost the entire season before you find out what.  No spoilers here.

I really hope Greyston Holt gets on the comic con circuit and starts meeting fans, because this Texan can’t wait to meet this guy.  He has a fan in me.

Although, I will add it is disappointing how you don’t really see a lot of shirtless men in this show, especially since they are werewolves  (and all very attractive!), you would think they would get naked more often.  They don’t.  Disappointed, but at the same time it is nice to know people can make a good show without so much sex taking over the plot, to where a plot is practically nonexistent. (I am looking at you True Blood, that was all you had going for you!)

but dudes, this show is for you too…

Credit: Syfy
Credit: Syfy

Elena is played by the beautiful Laura Vandervoort.  Known for her characters in Smallville & V.

I am so excited to see Laura in a new show, because in my humble honest opinion she is a pretty awesome actress.  I loved her in Smallville and I am excited to see her in a new show that I can and will fangirl over.

Plus she is nice, or at least she was nice to me when I met her in Tulsa a few years ago.

So not only do you have very sexy men, the show has a stunning female lead.

I give this show an A because it is action packed, actually more like, nonstop action with yes a little romance, but unlike other shows (yes True Blood I am calling you out again!) it doesn’t take over the plot.  The show is more focused on who is killing people and why the strays are being assholes.  There is a love triangle, but don’t roll your eyes just yet, it really does seem to add to the show instead of ruin it.

The show is available on Netflix and season two starts back up in 2015, so go get caught up now.  Believe me you will not regret it!

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