Big Ass Spider!

Warning: bad language ahead.

First the background, lately I have been in this Jen must save kick, so I look for cheap or free things to do, so when my friend Greg posed bad movie night I was like umm hell yeah.  I always love watching bad movies.

My dear friends, this is why it is important to have a life.  When you are bored you get suckered into things that make you question your purpose on this planet.   On a happy note it is set in California, so I suppose there is that…

Greg will tell you this movie is better than Megashark vs Giant Octopus (I am a huge fan of the movie, I know… I know) and I will tell you he is a liar, but I heart him anyway.

So let’s get to this shit… because yes lovers, it is shit.


Summary: Big Ass Spider! is a 2013 comic science fiction film directed by Mike Mendez. The film tells the story of a bug exterminator, who, with the help of a hospital security guard and the military, have to battle a giant spider that goes on a rampage in Los Angeles. It has received positive reviews from critics.

Ok so the first thing I must start with is…

It has received positive reviews from critics.

The hell.  Forget the alien spider, forget the military forget LA… but positive reviews from critics What critics??? Who gave this movie positive reviews??? This movie was nonstop shit from start to finish.  When you are done, you will literally think, what did I just do…

Here is the thing about Big Ass Spider, you know it is garbage but throughout the entire movie you are laughing, laughing hard… and then you start to like it, even when it is garbage.

The movie starts with Greg Grunberg (think heroes, oh how I miss you) standing by while LA gets destroyed by this big ass spider, then it flashes forward to 12 hours before.

This is when the real fun begins…. no spoilers here, but the one liners will get you… there is a one liner that references a 20 inch black… well you know…

This movie was a hot, fun, wild mess.

So if you are bored and need some entertainment I recommend watching this movie virtually with your best nerd friend.  Believe me texting back and forth while watching this movie will certainly entertain you.

That is what I did, which made the movie that much more entertaining!

This film is currently streaming on Netflix.

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