Beyond The Milky Way (The Galaxy Series #1) by Aithal, An Indian


Summary: Three astronauts go to the space in search of a planet that ‘probably’ has water—one of the basic elements for the humanity to survive. Do they find it? What else do they find? They encounter something—something strange—beyond their wildest of imagination, and their ‘mission-to-explore’ becomes ‘mission-to-survive’.

They experience something that makes them question their beliefs. It brings into focus all the things they had taken for granted—everything they had seen and learned—doesn’t seem to apply any longer.

Something happens along the way that makes them yearn to come back to Earth. After all, home is where the heart is.

This is not just-another-science-fiction. Rather, it will make you question your own beliefs—may they be scientific, religious, political, or something else.

In the first installment of The Galaxy Series, find out about the strange world they discover.

When this book was offered to me I was really excited having read  Aithal’s other amazing book India Was One, I knew the writing and story would be fantastic.   This book is available today and if you are a fan of the Martian I think this book will give you a lot of pleasure as well.

When I read the summary, my first thought was hmmm I am not sure how that will deliver.  Well I can tell you that the story will have you questioning many things, beliefs, existence, can we survive on another planet?  That is just the tip of the ice burg.  This book engages your mind in a way that not many books will do.  This book is deep.   What is home?  That question ran through my mind multiple times.

The book moves at such a pace, that if you do not have a few hours to read this book I wouldn’t recommend starting the book until you.  The book makes a running start and does not let up.

I can’t help but smile because while this book often made me think whoa, it was so well done I can’t help but wait for for book 2 and the continuation of this amazing story.

Do yourself a favor and go get this book today, it is amazing.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, as always the opinions are my own.



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