Be challenged.

I live in the suburbs and work in corporate America.   So it should not come to a shock whenever I mention I want to go somewhere like say, Thailand I get very standard answers.

Omg Jen they hate Americans

You are going to get killed

Why the hell would you want to go there? 

It is not safe there

It is not a good idea for a single female to travel to Thailand. 

You won’t like there. 

I have never been to Thailand but every single time I get one of these responses it pisses me off.  Especially the last statement that I hear often.  You won’t like there.

I almost understand the fear of traveling abroad because we get a small portion of international news and if we are getting news about another country it is often about some form of terrorist attack, some disease outbreak, something that is scary.  We never hear the good things, that is why I often rely on travel bloggers more so than CNN when I am reading about a destination.

So the first five statements I almost understand.  I really do.  The last one, well to be frank pisses me off. It makes me realize how much I differ from my cubicle mates & neighbors.   Typically I follow the statement up with “Well have you been there?

9 times out of 10 the person hasn’t.  SO then I am inclined to wonder why they feel I wouldn’t like a location, and after this situation happens almost weekly I have come to realize people expect me to be like them.  They expect me to not want to go to places they have no desire to go to.  They expect me to have a fear of travel.

I am expected to be normal.

One thing I can assure you is I am not really normal. When I tried to do the things that are “normal” I end up unhappy.  My wedding was not remotely the wedding I wanted.  I work in corporate America.  I cancelled my trip to China.  I got a degree in Criminal Justice instead of journalism because being a fed is a real job not writing.  I did what was “expected” and here I am, miserable.  I made choices because I was worried what others would think of me vs thinking about what made me… well me.

Believe me I tried the normal thing, I am far from normal and when you force someone to be a way they do not want to be, they rebel, and in a way my desire to travel is my rebellion.  

Which brings me to the topic of my post.  I have dreamed of traveling abroad since I was 16.  There have been countless times I have had trips planned that I suddenly backed out of because it was not the “normal thing to do”

Examples of the decisions?

I booked a German trip at 16 then cancelled because I was told I should try out to be a  drill team officer, and spoiler alert I didn’t make it, but the girl who stole my routine idea did.  lol 

I cancelled a trip to Africa to volunteer at 22, because of a boy. Who I NO longer speak to & can’t stand in fact. 

I cancelled a trip to Norway because I found out I had cataracts and needed to deal with that.  I should have went to Norway, the surgery thing worked it’s self out, but I didn’t want to feel judged for going on trip vs dealing with the surgery. 

Yes I am currently in debt, I am currently paying off massive credit card bills because of decisions I have made and you know what, once that debt is gone I am rebelling.  I will make sure I go somewhere that challenges me at least once a year.  I will make sure I continue to travel & see new places.

I will no longer have a blank passport because I was told that I shouldn’t go somewhere.

and to the person that told me “I would never amount to much because I dream too much”  thank you for making me realize I no longer have to settle & I no longer need to go with the norm.  The moment I realized that, was the moment I took control of my financial situation & the moment I realized that I would be happy because I am going to be me.    So while you were in fact being an asshole, you made me realize that being a dreamer is in fact a good thing.   So thank you because I am now going back to how I want to be, not what you expect me to be.

and you know what, go ahead judge me. I don’t care anymore. 


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