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Finding the Yeti, and the Discovery of My Favorite Disney Ride

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Hey Everyone, today I am posting about my favorite ride, <ahref=””>Expedition Everest… or “The Yeti” as I lovingly call it. This ride is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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The first time I ever rode this ride was January 2011, and the minute I came off this ride I knew I had to ride it again, and again and well again. I went around talking about the “Yeti” and didn’t even realize it was called Expedition Everest until some kid on the bus, said “umm, it’s not called the Yeti, it’s called Expedition Everest”. Well that’s great kid but I still prefer to refer to it as the Yeti 🙂

I love walking up to this ride, you can see the mountain in the distance, and I can just feel myself getting giddy with excitement.

The Yeti

I have been fortunate enough to not really ever have to wait in a long line for this ride, most likely due to going in off season, but it is once again another line queue that I don’t really mind, because the Imagineers that designed this ride, took a lot of time staging the line, to make you believe you are your way to “The Forbidden Mountain” to find the mythical Yeti. So there are artifacts of past voyages, that allow you to get that “authentic” experience.

The scat cracked me up, had to take a pic of it

All these pictures were taken the first time I rode this ride, I had no clue what I was getting myself in to. I had no clue, none. I was just in awe of the props.

Then I walked up to this sign.

Oddly enough, I took a picture of the sign but didn’t read it, I had no clue I was about to go on a ride, that would be in the “dark” and go backwards.

I get onto the ride, which sadly I didn’t get a picture of the ride train, as it is welled themed, as steam train that will take you the base camp.

I rode the ride, ducked the “terrifying” Yeti, and thus My Favorite Ride at Disney was born. I have been told that riding coasters with me is a funny experience, as all I do is yell, scream and giggle. Not to mention I “duck” the Yeti everytime!

Here is the picture from the first time we rode the ride

every face in this train is priceless

All in all, this is the sole reason I go to Animal Kingdom, if you are ever at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you must ride this ride. It is delightful and honestly the “Yeti” is a must see, as it is a true piece of art.

And just in case you are wondering, here is a pic of me after the last time I rode it, you can see I survived the Mythical Yeti

Can’t get enough Expedition Everest AKA the Yeti? Check out these awesome youtube videos

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What is your favorite ride?

My Favorite Line Queue

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Today I am posting about my favorite line queue at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This is my day 4 feature of my favorite things about Disney

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Toy Story Mania, is quite possibly one of the most delightfully fun rides out there, it is a midway themed ride, that honestly is complete fun for the entire family. It is a 3D ride, that allows you to play midway games and compete with the person in your ride vehicle.

In fact, it has started a wonderfully delightful tradition, with someone who shall remain namless, that he refers to as JATSMAK (which stands for Jen’s Annual Toy Story Mania A** Kicking). I won the first time we played and well I have been destroyed each time since. As you can see by the following photos!


This is quite possibly one of the only rides I don’t mind waiting in line for as I find the queue flashes me back to my extremely awesome childhood. The queue features many “toys” that a lot of children grew up with. I know my brother and I did.

Not to mention when one of those Florida showers hits you, it is all completely inside.

clearly happy to be in line 🙂

Simply put, I love waiting in this line so much because it makes me think of the wonderful childhood I had, and well anything that sparks wonderful memories is a great thing, right?

Anyway, the line has paintings of the Toy Story Characters, replicas of fun toys like Tinker Toys, game pieces, cards and my personal favorite barrel of monkeys.

Also many childhood games are also featured along the line, such as Candy Land, Scrabble, Mouse Trap, Checkers and so much more.

Eventually, you will come up to Mr. Potato Head, who hosts and sings for you. This is probably the only annoying part, because I think he sings the same three songs over and over and over, and if you are in a very long line, it can get annoying quick, but I think it is part of the experience. Plus, I think the kids seem to like it, so hey if it keeps the kiddos entertained in a long line, even better!

The ride carts, feature the smaller characters of Toy Story, I was lucky enough to ride in “The Litte Green Aliens” cart, they are so cute, they make me smile everytime!

The best tip I can give, onece you enter this entrance start looking for the “Easter Eggs”, those are worth mega points! Oh, and have fun!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures from quite possibly the best line ever!

What is your favorite line to wait in?

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The Animals of Animal Kingdom

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This week I have been posting about some of my favorite Disney moments in honor of the Leap Day Celebration that is less than a week away.

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I went through all my photos, trying to decide what today’s post would feature, and I decided that I would give the stars of Disney’s Animal Kingdom a little love.

I have only rode Kilimanjaro Safaris Expedition once but I really enjoyed it. We were very lucky to get some pretty great shots of the animals, with the crappy camera I had at the time.

For those of you that have rode this ride, know that is an “African Safari” and there are many animals you will be able to see. We were able to see lions, hippos elephants, rhinos, Giraffes, Warthogs, Wildebeest, Zebras, Flamingos and so much more.

I have an incredible soft spot for animals, and while I go to zoo’s I do sometimes have an ethical issue with some zoos. Shouldn’t these animals be left in the wild, but lately I have found myself visiting more and more zoos, that focus on conservations and saving endangered species. I do know I NEVER plan on going to a zoo in a foreign country, but that will be for another post all together. Anyway, the point I am trying to make here, the animals are allowed to roam free so this allows for a different experience everytime you ride this ride.

I really want to do the Wild Africa Trek but the price tag has deterred me for my upcoming trip, so maybe if I can scrimp & save I might be able to book it when I go back in November.

OK back on topic. While in the line queue it is of course very well themed, as if you really are preparing to go on an African Safari, The ride vehicles are vehicles that have been designed to actually look like safari vehicles. This ride is of course themed in a way only Imagineers could design it in my opinion. The idea of the ride, is that you are on Safari, but your guy gets a distress call that a baby elephant has been taken by poachers, and you are going to try and save the elephant, all while seeing “real animals” on the ride. A very smart way for Disney to make awareness for a VERY REAL problem. Can’t get enough of Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Pictures from the line queue:

a cheat sheet of animals you can expect to see

a little blurry but I think it makes a valid point

You can learn a lot about this ride if you watch the video, Disney Parks: Disney’s Animal Kingdom, which is available on Amazon.

Seriously what they have accomplished on this ride is truly amazing. Granted I have never been on a real African Safari so technically I don’t have anything to compare it too, but I think it is amazing.

Anyway, here are a few of the animals we managed to snap a shot of on this ride.


my favorite with out a doubt

if you squint you can see the lions in the background
a well hidden rhino

Why I love Epcot

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Very soon I will be returning to the world, and in honor of the One More Day Promotion, I am posting about some of my favorite Disney experiences

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It is no secret that I want to travel and see the world. I want to step off planes in foreign and exotic lands, smile at people, learn cultures & languages, volunteer, make a difference, step out of my comfort zone and well live a little.

Epcot in a very round about way, allows me to do this without having to get my passport stamped. When you go to the World Showcase, it allows you to walk from one country to the next all in the course of a day. It allows you “visit” Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Morocco, France, The United Kingdom, Canada and the US.

You can shop for products that are often manufactured in those countries, eat “food from each country” and my favorite part, meet natives from each country. Disney uses Cast Members that are native to the country that the pavillion represent. So while I can’t really take off to Morocco and dive into their culture (at this time but hopefully soon!), it allows you to enjoy a little slice of the culture at one of the Happiest Places on Earth.

Another reason I love Epcot? I am a huge advocate for constant learning. Epcot allows me to do this. It is a very educational experience, and I think every time I go, I learn something new. You can learn about conservation and the need to recycle in the Land Pavillion. Sharks and Fish in the Sea’s Pavillion and so much more!

Anyway, here are some of my favorite pictures from around Epcot. Enjoy!

Also the photos are not the greatest as most were taken before with my crappy old camera, but I think they are awesome!

The Donald Pinata makes me giggle

$37,500 gets you this castle? Any takers?

I am pretty sure I am the only person in the world that LOVES this ride

What are the reasons YOU love Epcot?