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How I Spent Leap Day

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Hey Everyone!

I have been in recovery mode from my adventure that occurred two weeks ago. Honestly, things have been crazy busy at work… phone duty, computer systems crashed, phones crashed, dealing with that psychotic attorney and well adjusting claims is a crazy business anyway. Then to top it all off, I came down with a very very nasty bout of the flu, which believe me I am still battling, but at least I can get my bottom out of bed and see the sun shine.

So onto more important matters how did I spend leap day?

Those of you that know me, know I am a self proclaimed Dis-Nerd, so it is not a shock that I fell victim to Disney’s One More Day Campaign, and spent 24 hours at the World.

Anyway, it is time for the very crazy long post about the very crazy Leap Day!

If I could only use one word on how I would describe this experience? Awesome. Without a doubt, it was an amazing day.

We woke up at 4:30am quickly got ready and walked over to our bus stop to catch the first bus of the morning, which didn’t arrive until 5:20 not 5 am.

(NOTE to My future self, when they say buses start a 5 am they don’t mean buses will be ready to take you to the park at 5 am, they mean they will start their routes).

Not going to lie, I was starting to feel a moment of panic that I would miss the Welcome Show, and get a late start on my extra day as I had major plans and I was going to accomplish every single one of them. 🙂

We arrived got through the security line, to get into the park. It really was an amazing event, camera crews, radio Disney, cast members, and 1000s of Crazed Disney Fans all in close proximity of each other, any sleepy-ness I had going on vanished instantly because of the positive energy that was surrounding me.

By time I realized I really was about to spend 24 hours at Disney, the Welcome Show Started.

We waited anxiously for the Welcome Show to end, while waiting we were able to establish the game plan for the first 20 minutes, get in, get a locker, get t-shirts…. get to space mountain 🙂

The count down started… 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1…. Ready Break

we ran over to the lockers, got our locker and then ran to get our leap day t-shirts, that was utter madness, by 6:15 we were done and on our way to Tomorrow Land.

We walked in the fog to Tomorrowland, amazed at how small the crowds were (at this time) it was empty and it was amazing!

We hopped in line for Space Mountain and waited approx 10 minutes, jumped on the ride, and off we went.

Afterwards, I decided I wanted to go ahead and ride Tomorrowland Speedway, I jumped in line and waited for 5 minutes and took off! Needless to say I won, yep I took those 10 year olds on!

ready to race
vroom vroom

We enjoyed Philar Magic Next, I LOVE this show, when I pay 3D premiums at the theater this is the 3D experience I expect, and well NEVER get.

We rode Snow White’s Scary Adventures, I plan on dedicating an entire post to this gem in the future, I am so sad it is being retired 🙁 we waited maybe 5 minutes for this ride, which believes me NEVER happens.

R.I.P Snow White

We ride the Carousel next, sigh, I love Prince Charming, and I learned that Cinderella has a favorite horse. Did you know that?

I took on the Sword & The Stone, clearly I am no King Arthur.

Not King Arthur…

We rode It’s a Small World, and got the lovely song stuck in our heads, because let’s face it, it really is a small small world…

I met Tiana, and she offered to make us Gumbo because the frog that was with me was hungry.

We then decided to walk over to the Haunted Mansion, and take a break and ride the dark ride. The wait was less than 10 minutes, but we decided to take our time and get pics of the line queue. Which is kinda our thing, we love taking pics of line queues. Nobody can stage a line like Disney. I will post these pics a later date, this line is entertainment in it’s self. 😉

Made it through that line and got away with getting one photo in the stretching line before a cast member kindly reminded us no flash photography… he was quick, as we snapped that pic before the doors were even closed.

I know shame on us…

After that we were off to Tink’s Nook, were I was lucky enough to meet Vidia & Tink, both were super awesome and super adorable. In fact I fell in love with Tink’s Nook, and I would return later that evening.

After meeting Tink, we decided to get on Magic Carpets, and according to my ride partner I stink at flying the carpets, apparently you should go up and down, not just stay up, however the photopass guy got an amazing shot of us on the carpets.

We then walked over and I was able to meet Ariel & Eric. Which was a trip, I asked Ariel if I could get a pick with only Eric, which made her sad but when my partner in crime offered to keep her company, she wasn’t sad any longer, and took off, which made for a great laugh.

We walked over to my favorite ride, at the Magic Kingdom, the Jungle Cruise, the jokes are the same they always have been, but they crack me up every time. Hey what can I say, I am easy to please.

The best part, we were asked by the Facebook advertising team to take a photo for the page. We gladly agreed.

You can see the photo here

Our Jungle Boat Skipper

After that we decided to head back over to Tomorrowland and take break and watch the Laugh Floor, and seriously that show is super cute. I have never watched it before. Yeah I know, I am getting my Dis-Nerd card pulled by some of you, but hey normally I don’t have time to do it, today I did, and it will be on my list from now on.

It was now time to walk to The Plaza for our lunch reservation, while waiting for our table we were able to catch the Move It, Shake It Parade. This parade was fun to watch, however by time I caught it for the fifth time that day, I would start to be slightly annoyed… but only slightly (hey I was sleep deprived!)

Oh by the way… it is only 11:35 am.

Stay tuned for tomorrow to see what we accomplished after my yummy lunch at the Plaza

My love of the Oscars

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So tonight I decided, that I did not want to post a Disney post instead, in honor of the 84th Academy Awards, I figured I would post about the time I went to LA for work. In 2008, I was fortunate enough to experience LA for the first time. One weekend a few of my coworkers and I decided that we had to go downtown to Hollywood Blvd. To see what all the fuss was about!

I was overwhelmed, I saw the Roosevelt Hotel, which the original and early Academy Awards was handed out.

I am pretty sure the classic greats received their Academny Awards here.

Then we walked over to the Grauman’s Chinese Theater, and I instantly became overwhelmed, with the star hand prints. I could have taken pictures all day. Not to mention this was once a place where the Oscars were held for a few years in the 40s.

and oh my the hands, the feet, I don’t need to see them in person, heck I was already STAR STRUCK!

Can you tell who I am pulling for tonight?

I won’t bore you with the tons of photos I took of celebrities, hands & feet or their stars, but I will included them in my album.

To see the additional pics click here

Well everyone, I must get back to the Oscars. Hope you enjoy the Oscars as much as I do. I would love to get back to Hollywood!

Thanks for reading!

Finding the Yeti, and the Discovery of My Favorite Disney Ride

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Hey Everyone, today I am posting about my favorite ride, <ahref=””>Expedition Everest… or “The Yeti” as I lovingly call it. This ride is located at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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The first time I ever rode this ride was January 2011, and the minute I came off this ride I knew I had to ride it again, and again and well again. I went around talking about the “Yeti” and didn’t even realize it was called Expedition Everest until some kid on the bus, said “umm, it’s not called the Yeti, it’s called Expedition Everest”. Well that’s great kid but I still prefer to refer to it as the Yeti 🙂

I love walking up to this ride, you can see the mountain in the distance, and I can just feel myself getting giddy with excitement.

The Yeti

I have been fortunate enough to not really ever have to wait in a long line for this ride, most likely due to going in off season, but it is once again another line queue that I don’t really mind, because the Imagineers that designed this ride, took a lot of time staging the line, to make you believe you are your way to “The Forbidden Mountain” to find the mythical Yeti. So there are artifacts of past voyages, that allow you to get that “authentic” experience.

The scat cracked me up, had to take a pic of it

All these pictures were taken the first time I rode this ride, I had no clue what I was getting myself in to. I had no clue, none. I was just in awe of the props.

Then I walked up to this sign.

Oddly enough, I took a picture of the sign but didn’t read it, I had no clue I was about to go on a ride, that would be in the “dark” and go backwards.

I get onto the ride, which sadly I didn’t get a picture of the ride train, as it is welled themed, as steam train that will take you the base camp.

I rode the ride, ducked the “terrifying” Yeti, and thus My Favorite Ride at Disney was born. I have been told that riding coasters with me is a funny experience, as all I do is yell, scream and giggle. Not to mention I “duck” the Yeti everytime!

Here is the picture from the first time we rode the ride

every face in this train is priceless

All in all, this is the sole reason I go to Animal Kingdom, if you are ever at Disney’s Animal Kingdom you must ride this ride. It is delightful and honestly the “Yeti” is a must see, as it is a true piece of art.

And just in case you are wondering, here is a pic of me after the last time I rode it, you can see I survived the Mythical Yeti

Can’t get enough Expedition Everest AKA the Yeti? Check out these awesome youtube videos

Part 1
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Part 3
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Part 5

What is your favorite ride?

My Favorite Line Queue

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Today I am posting about my favorite line queue at the Walt Disney World Resort.

This is my day 4 feature of my favorite things about Disney

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Toy Story Mania, is quite possibly one of the most delightfully fun rides out there, it is a midway themed ride, that honestly is complete fun for the entire family. It is a 3D ride, that allows you to play midway games and compete with the person in your ride vehicle.

In fact, it has started a wonderfully delightful tradition, with someone who shall remain namless, that he refers to as JATSMAK (which stands for Jen’s Annual Toy Story Mania A** Kicking). I won the first time we played and well I have been destroyed each time since. As you can see by the following photos!


This is quite possibly one of the only rides I don’t mind waiting in line for as I find the queue flashes me back to my extremely awesome childhood. The queue features many “toys” that a lot of children grew up with. I know my brother and I did.

Not to mention when one of those Florida showers hits you, it is all completely inside.

clearly happy to be in line 🙂

Simply put, I love waiting in this line so much because it makes me think of the wonderful childhood I had, and well anything that sparks wonderful memories is a great thing, right?

Anyway, the line has paintings of the Toy Story Characters, replicas of fun toys like Tinker Toys, game pieces, cards and my personal favorite barrel of monkeys.

Also many childhood games are also featured along the line, such as Candy Land, Scrabble, Mouse Trap, Checkers and so much more.

Eventually, you will come up to Mr. Potato Head, who hosts and sings for you. This is probably the only annoying part, because I think he sings the same three songs over and over and over, and if you are in a very long line, it can get annoying quick, but I think it is part of the experience. Plus, I think the kids seem to like it, so hey if it keeps the kiddos entertained in a long line, even better!

The ride carts, feature the smaller characters of Toy Story, I was lucky enough to ride in “The Litte Green Aliens” cart, they are so cute, they make me smile everytime!

The best tip I can give, onece you enter this entrance start looking for the “Easter Eggs”, those are worth mega points! Oh, and have fun!

Anyway, enjoy the pictures from quite possibly the best line ever!

What is your favorite line to wait in?

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