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The Tombstone Courthouse

I started telling you about my recent road trip in October, took a break because life is full of crazy, and well now it is time to get to typing again πŸ˜‰ So I will start right where I left off…

Tombstone stole my heart.
Tombstone Court 74

Yes I am serious.

I am a history buff, and when it comes to anything historical, I love it. I was sad that I only had a half day at Tombstone, because you really could spend a few days in the town exploring and experiencing everything Tombstone had to offer. And, well there is Wyatt Earp…
tombstone Court 65

For those of you who either A. Don’t care about History or B. Have not seen the movie, and therefore have no clue that there is a town in southern Arizona called Tombstone. Β Here is a very brief introduction into the town:

Tombstone was founded by 1879, it was one of the last boomtown’s in the American Old West.

There you go, read up on it, because the town’s history is fascinating and I can’t do the town justice when it comes to telling you all about the town.

tombstone Court 61

Curious? START HERE if reading is not your thing, watch the movie. πŸ˜‰

Anyway, the first stop we made was at the court-house. This is the typical court-house, where trials and hangings took place. Believe me if you were tried, and found guilty and punished by death, they did not waste any time, they took you out back and you were… well put to death.

Life was clearly harsh in Tombstone.

Here are the pics from my very short visit, next time I go to Arizona, I would love to go back and really spend some time there.

Tombstone Court 76Tombstone Court 79

Here are some of my favorite pics from the courthouse.

Tombstone Court 10Tombstone Court 32Tombstone Court 34

where hangings occurred... notice the orb?  hmm...
where hangings occurred… notice the orb? hmm…

Tombstone Court 39Tombstone Court 50Tombstone Court 53Tombstone Court 55

Different Types of Barb Wire
Different Types of Barb Wire

Tombstone Court 72

Check out all of my photos on my facebook page here

Until Next Time

Sunset at South Mountain

After a very stressful drive up the mountain we made it to the top. (alive I might add, you are welcome mom!) Once I got out of my car I instantly forgave my mom and was pretty excited as we arrived just in time for the sunset, and as someone who is really trying to focus on photography and learn about angles & settings I was ready to start practicing becoming a “serious” photographer.

Overall South Mountain was beautiful. I am going to keep this post short & sweet as there really is not much to say, except that it is lovely. πŸ™‚

It was really peaceful…

If you are ever in Phoenix I suggest you check it out, you can go to the following addresses:

Main Entrance:
10919 S. Central Ave., 85042

Pima Canyon Entrance:
9904 S. 48th St., 85044
Ranger Office Phone: (602) 262-7393

Hours for all trail head areas and entrances: 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. (entrance gates close). Trails remain open until 11 p.m

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a very stressful drive up a mountain

You ever had one of those stressful situations, where you are beyond stressed as you are in a situation you have never been in before, and someone is yelling at you during the situation? You begin to lose focus, and then the situation gets worse, and the person keeps yelling at you because they are so beyond pissed that they don’t even realize they are making an already bad situation worse?

Yeah that happened to me in Phoenix, while driving up South Mountain to catch the sunset, I was nervous as all hell because A, this is my first time driving up the side of a mountain and B,there is not a barrier on this mountain, all you see are cliffs, and a long deadly drop. I knew I could take curves safely at 15 mph and personally I don’t want to die a fiery death from driving off a cliff, so as a result my heart rate was up at an all time high, and then to top it all off I had to deal with a back seat driver.

Yes that happened on my last trip. I was driving, praying, stressed about the lack of barrier and all I could focus on was my mother.

SLOW DOWN! DAMN IT JEN SLOW DOWN! over and over and over.

So after about 10 minutes of this nonsense…

I started giggling

(A fact about me, when I get stressed and someone starts yelling at me I giggle. I giggle for multiple reasons, in this particular situation my brain was trying to relieve the stress on my brain, so my response was to giggle.)

Yeah, that went over well. Not only was my mother all over me, now my father & my brother were mad too.

Now as I am typing this, I know my mother is going to defend herself, and say I was going too fast. I wasn’t, she was hanging out the back taking pictures, so therefore 15 mph probably felt like 30. That is my defense, and I am sticking to it.

Furthermore, I must say, that while I am giving my mother a hard time on this post, I love my mother with all my heart, she has an amazing heart, does a lot of good for many people, makes me red velvet cupcakes when I visit, but at that particular moment, I was about ready to drive off the cliff and end it all.

So after about 25 minutes of driving up the mountain a few choice words at each other, we made it to the top and you know what…

The view was worth getting yelled at.

Stayed tuned for tomorrow see all the pictures from South Mountain!

Arizona Welcome Center

It is no secret that I love stopping at Welcome Centers, every time I enter a state I MUST stop at the center and see what the state is all about.

Arizona was no different.

we made the quick detour to snag some shots and see what adventures we can expect in Arizona.

First thing you see when you get out of your car?

Not exactly promising is it?

Although I will say outside the center was very pretty.

I walked around a little to get information on a few of the things I knew we were going to do, snag a few pictures of inside the center. (I really wonder what the welcome center think of tourists, taking so many pictures inside a welcome center)

After visiting inside I walked across to get some cheesy shots of the me and the sign, sadly the pictures of me did not turn out. πŸ™

Do you have to stop at every welcome center?

To see all the pictures from the welcome center check out my Facebook Page