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Book Review Sunday



Whoa! Let me just say the moment I started this book, it was a nonstop action packed ride. Note: Minor Spoilers ahead.

This series has always held a small piece of my heart, and I can’t get enough of the series,  I am hoping after he finishes this series, he will keep going with a new spin off, that is if it ends in favor of the demigods of course.

The book picks off exactly where the last one left off…

Annabeth & Percy are in Tarturus. 
Frank, Piper, Leo, Hazel, Jason and Nico are trying to get the the Doors Of Death closed and hope to save Annabeth and Percy.

But you already knew that.

Let me start of by saying there is not much bad in this book, in fact as I am sitting here trying to recall what I didn’t like… I can’t think of anything so I am going to award this book….


Yep 5 stars.  It was that good.  This book has everything drama, love, unrequited love,  impossible situations…. It is fantastic.

So let’s get into the good stuff.

I am going to do my best and not spoil anything, just give teasers… because this book is so fast paced, one spoiler can ruin the book.  Seriously.

There are a lot of the Gods & Titans appearing… in fact there is an appearnce on an Uber God… but you have to practically get to the end for that appearance.  believe me it is a good one 😉

Hazel is pretty much hard core.  In fact, Hazel pretty much tells a God… no Titan to F off, and I freaking loved it, and was cheering for her.  Plus she is scary powerful, but she is a child of Hades/Pluto so that is to be expected.

I found myself really rooting for Annabeth & Percy.  Their love is what gets them through Tarturus. I don’t really get into love stories, this series is about the adventure, but their love is so sweet and truthful.  I cheered for them, the entire time I was reading.

Speaking of Tarturus, you learn about the monsters Percy has killed in the past books, and what they have gone through.  I find it interesting to always see the other side, and you do in this book.  Especially with Bob. I found it even more interesting that Percy deals with it.

Frank.  Wow. Just. Wow.  Frank is a bad ass.  Go read the book to see what I mean.  Frank has earned my admirations, the way a son of Mars should, I suspect.

Nico has a secret.  A good one.  One I did not see coming until about 10 pages before he admitted his secret.  I was shocked but happy. I was also shocked at the demigod that learns of his secret we read about the secret from this demigod’s perspective, and it is an interesting take.  I really can’t wait to see where this goes, but I really don’t see Nico getting his happy ending

Leo falls in Love. Again, I don’t see this ending happily, but man I hope so. This might be one of my favorite parts of the book, but I am not sure, because this good had so many amazing parts.

The Uber god I mentioned earlier?  Yeah.  He finds two demigod’s worthy of his appeareance, and he makes it known they are worthy of his personal attention.   Good stuff.  This might have been one of the most intense situations for the lovable demigods, since the very beginning.

Truth is SOOOO much happened in this book, I could go back and read it, and probably re-learn of something else that happened.

As I am sitting here thinking about this book, I am quickly realizing I can’t wait until the next book. 

It was that good. 


 Do you read this series? Do you like it?

Have you read House of Hades? What are your thoughts? 




Wordless Wednesday

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Book Review Sunday

This week’s book review is



I am an avid lover of Richelle Mead, I got into her a few years back when the Vampire Academy started becoming a big deal, I stayed up well into the nght to find out who killed the queen, and to see if Rose would get her man… I am currently in love with the spin off Bloodlines series… and DO NOT get me started on how fabulous Age of X is.

So when I was looking for a new series to start reading and I stumbled across her Georgina Kincaid series, it seemed like the perfect series for me to start reading, but I stopped after a few books and let life get in the way.

When I decided this season’s list would be all about finishing series I started but didn’t finish,this of course would go on the list.  So let’s get onto the review… but honestly, don’t read the review… go start reading the series… like now… Go 🙂

I give this book

The series starts off with Georgina struggling with her current relationship with best selling author Seth Mortensen, because she is a succubus and is not wanting to take part of his soul.  Even though in the past books, they said sex would not get in the way, it is clearly starting to take it’s toll. And let’s face it, it wouldn’t be good drama if it didn’t start to take it’s toll.

If this was not a big enough problem she is being ordered by her superior that she has  to mentor a new succubus who is pretty much inept… or is she?

Then IF THAT WASN”T ENOUGH she is having dreams of a future that involve her having a child, and a mysterious man she never sees. Then she wakes up drained of her power, even when she took a man the night before.

She starts to seek answers from Dante a dream interpreter that has apparent ties to the underworld, and this pretty much opens a whole other world of shenanigins

I won’t get too much into the plot because I feel this book is a series changer but in case you just have to know who is doing the horrible acts to her.  AGAIN WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS REVIEW!! GO READ THE SERIES

***SPOILER ALERT Skip down now, if you rather not be spoiled… She is having her soul taken from Nix, who might or might not be showing her the future life she may have… which is odd, because she can’t have kids, and the little girl in the dream Georgina knows without a doubt is her daughter there is significantly more involved with this plot but this the general plot END SPOILER

OK if you didn’t read the spoiler let me just tell you that you need to go out right now and start reading this series, and if you are like me and took a break from the series you need to finish the series. 

This book is a game changer for the series and I can’t wait to see what happens to both Georgina and Seth.

***SPOILER ALERT Seth and Georgina totally break up in this series, and Seth sleeps with Georgina’s friend GASP I know!!! END SPOILER***

Why are you still reading this post still?  Seriously go READ THE SERIES!

Until Next time