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20 months and counting… and gaining perspective

OK I admit when I wrote this post  I was still pretty bitter about getting fired, but at the same time it felt damn good giving my side of the story.

It also made me realize that as my best friend Stacie puts it.. “time to shit or get off the pot”   Why am I always taking jobs that I am not suited for?  Why do I never jump and pursue my passions.

Truth is I dream to travel and I dream to have a job where I can work remotely.

So that is what I am pursuing and for the first time in life, I am excited.  I am excited to job search, I am excited to do what I want and pursue passions.   I finally feel like I am living and pursuing what I want.

This past month was AMAZING and I will be writing lots of posts.

Other than that not much to update on, I am still hunting for the perfect remote job and I am hoping to land one this month!

How much does it cost to visit Chengdu for 1 week?

Hey guys! 

I am back from Chengdu and I am going to share with you EXACTLY what some sample costs are that were spent on my very amazing week in Chengdu.    I am often asked how much does it cost to travel to certain destinations and I am here to share exactly what I paid and give you an idea of estimate costs to help budget and plan your trip to Chengdu.   I splurged quite a bit on this trip and could have done this trip a lot cheaper.  Chengdu is an incredibly budget friendly place to visit especially if you find cheap flights.

I traveled on a more moderate level and you can do this trip even cheaper if you have flexibility and want to do less activities.

Flight $630 RT  flight  is even cheaper currently on Air China approx $395.00

Right now flights to China are a steal and I have seen flights to China as low as $395 out of DFW.   When this was booked it one of the cheapest destinations I could go to the first week of February.   That being said I have seen countless flights out of DFW to Europe for a couple hundred that exact same week.  Traveling the first two weeks of February is ALWAYS cheaper than other times of the year.   If you are ok with colder temps this is a very cost effective way to see the world!

Chinese Visa $140.00 

I already had my visa so I didn’t have to spend  $140.00 this time, the beauty about a Chinese visa is that they now grant a ten year visa good for multiple entries.

6 nights accommodation at the JW Marriott $28.00

Yes you read that correct it was only $28.00.  I trip hacked.  I had almost enough Marriott points to cover the entire stay, I had to spend $28 to cover what points I did not have.  This hotel is about $120 a night during this week, so it is still reasonably priced and quite fancy and is one of the higher priced places to stay.     If you are wanting even more cost effective accommodations with privacy there are NUMEROUS guest houses for $25 a night.  If you are into hostels you can get a bed for $5-8.      Chengdu has incredibly affordable accommodations and it is very budget friendly.

A bowl of dan dan mien approx 10 yuan or $1.58 USD. 

I lived for Dan Dan Mien (Mian) ya’ll.  LIKE LIVED FOR IT.  By far one of my favorite things to dine on.  IT so yummy and spicy and just pure yummy in one bite.

Picture with a panda approx $267 USD

So there is absolutely NO way around this cost.   If you want your picture with a baby panda well you have to cough up this money.  IT was a major splurge and I struggled with the cost but at the end of the day it was one of the best experiences of my life.

Train ticket from Chengdu to Leshan $12 each way in first class

First class train tickets are not very expensive but if you are on a budget you can travel to Leshan for half this cost.

Bus to Giant Sitting Buddha 2 yuan or .32 USD

Cheapest and easiest way to get to this site.   You can cab it if you want but you can’t beat 2 yuan and it the bus stops here after about 30 minutes.

Entry into the Giant Sitting Buddha 90 yuan or approx $14.20 in USD. 

A must do if you are in Leshan

Play the Ancient Candy Game 3 yuan or .47 USD 

I will have a full post on this later, as it was truly so much fun.  You spin for a chance to win a candy shape and then the person makes it for you! So much fun and seriously you can’t beat 3 yuan

Average taxi cost anywhere in the city $3-7 USD. 

Walking is always the best way to  view the city and get much needed exercise but if you are in a hurry the cabs are truly cheap.  Just always say taxi and not cab, every time I said cab they had NO clue what I was talking about.

Entry into the Famous face Changing Opera 120 yuan unless you meet Mr. Lee and it is 90 yuan approx $14.20-18.40 per ticket 

I had a chance meeting with Mr. Lee and got discounted tickets.  I promise a full post is coming on this… my bullshit meter was going off hard on this man… but he is 100% legit and if you are lucky enough to meet him you get discounted tickets.    I will give you ALL his details in an upcoming post but if you are going to Chengdu I HIGHLY recommend you contact him.  Amazing dude!

Bottle water 2-6 yuan 

Depending on where you are water can cost as little as 2 yuan or as much as 6.  Still pretty affordable if you drink a lot of water like me… but since I stayed at the Marriott they gave me 6-10 bottles of water free everyday.

Famous hot pot $10-100s

When you are in Chengdu the famous hot pot restaurants are a MUST DO.  You pick and choose what you want to eat so this meal can be super cheap or get very pricey if you get a few beers, a couple bottles of wine and quite a few options.    The average cost is closer to $20 but this is something that can get very expensive but you would have to order a lot of alcohol and options.

So there you have it a few costs that I personally spent and the averages to help you budget you next trip.  As you can see Chengdu is very affordable especially when it comes to food and I HIGHLY recommend you include it on your China trip.


Green Smoothie Challenge- Who is with me?

I admit this is something I have been putting off until I came back from China because I feel it is always good to detox a bit after you spend a week eating rich food.

I was contacted by Positive Health Wellness about their smoothies and as I dug deeper into their website I love their approach to health and wellness. I am very into hot yoga right now and honestly when I match yoga up with a smoothie I truly feel like a super hero.

So I am absolutely 100% doing this 7 day smoothie challenge and I want you to join me.  It is free and has simple recipes to follow.

Here is the link so you can join in with me.  I am going to share my smoothies on insta

Also check out their site I found this post which is an excellent source of meal replacement smoothies which I am excited about because I always want smoothie healthy but not a full meal after yoga.

So I am back from China today and I am starting this challenge tomorrow and I want you to join me!  It is just one drink a day and I am not asking you to give anything up, but just drink to your health!

If you join in make sure you tag me @TheCubicleEscapee and @positivehealthwellness and let us know that you joining me!


Headline Photo Credit goes to Positive Health Wellness.

Guest Post- The Realities of Hepatitis C in 2018

I was recently contact by Life Policy Shopper regarding my article about getting vaccines to travel and offered to share their article with my readers.  Hepatitis C is absolutely no joke and while you may not want to get vaccinated to travel I do think at a minimum this is a required vaccine.

I am sharing the article with you because the research in this article far outweighs my research and I think if you are considering vaccines to travel long term this is a MUST READ especially if you fall into one of the risk groups.  Click the link below and give Life Policy Shopper some love.

The Realities of Hepatitis C in 2018