Author Interview J.P. Moynahan

When I was emailed about the blog tour for The Traveler’s Wake it is obvious that it would immediately peak my interest given the title.

Then I was offered the chance to interview the author and again, I obviously jumped at the chance. He is Irish and as a person who has a few Irish firend, I just knew I would love his responses and I did.  He is cheeky, brilliant and I can tell I am going to completely enjoy anything he will write in the future.

I won’t get too much into the book now, but I will say the book is fantastic, fast paced and well written. Go buy a copy today you will not be disappointed. 


The Traveler’s Wake, by J.P. Moynahan

Genre: literary fiction, crime-thriller

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release: July 31, 2014

Cover Artist: Michelle Johnson at Blue Sky Design


Wesley Rourke is a mouthy, Irish-lucky millionaire, trotting the globe in search of the perfect place to kill his most hated enemy, himself. Blowing his money on charity, and booze as he zooms from city to city, he lays his course towards Lima, Peru.

Once he arrives, he sets about his grisly task only to be inconvenienced by the lure of a pretty young tourist, the daughter of a prominent British lawmaker.

A few days after their first date, he awakens in a hospital to find her missing and he himself embroiled in a media blitz and massive manhunt. With time running out, and wracked with horrifying night-terrors, Wesley is forced to face his past cowardice and wade into the bowels of a pitiless underworld in search of his one ray of hope.

The city of Lima awaits him.
The Cubicle Escapee’s Interview with J.P. Moynahan

First I have to know after reading about you, is Wesley Rourke based on you?

Sure, why not? He’s a bit of an ass, and has quite a mouth. I’m Irish, so is he. We both love the liquor, only I’m not such an alcoholic. Though I am far from rich and I’m not as cynical as him.

Where did you get your inspiration for The Traveler’s Wake?

My travels in Peru and Ecuador and the um…interesting perils I encountered there. What a continent!

How long did it take for your to write The Traveler’s Wake?

It took me two bloody years. I had quit my job and panned gold in the mountains for a while to make rent. Panning for gold made me absolutely no money, but it afforded me the luxury of time to write.

Peru is actually on my to visit soon list, why did you choose Peru as the setting?

It’s a wild and dangerous place, pock marked with very hospitable and wonderful people or dens of complete depravity. While its most certainly safer than parts of Africa or Detroit, it holds its own if one is seeking wild adventure. The plethora of natural beauty and ancient wonders is exhilarating and the food is sublime.

Central America is one of my favorite regions of the world I see you have traveled there, which country was your favorite?

My Spanish is of the Mexican variety, so being a naturally lazy artist, I prefer Mexico over the other Central American countries, due to less effort on my part. Also Mexicans share my dark sense of humor and taste for violence so we get along nearly perfectly. Also I love taco’s.

Any actual experiences of waking up in the hospital in South America?

No! Thank god! I woke up in a ditch once down there. Another time I dozed while getting a massage by some shady ladies and kept a switchblade tucked in my skivvies.

What are you currently reading?

This question…now my answer. This question is ridiculous! But seriously, I’m reading the vigorous work of historical fiction; I, Claudius by Robert Graves. The brilliance of a genius playing opossum and becoming the ruler of the known world is an inspiration to anyone planning world domination, or at least a regional warlordship.

What is something your readers do not know about you?

They don’t know my social security number. Also my date of birth and my mothers name. Hopefully not my bank number either. They might now know that I’m a sarcastic jerk though.

Are there future plans for another book?

Oh, aye. I’m working on a book about a pair of brothers who return from a war only to find their family’s fortunes laid waste and their deceased fathers old enemy in power. Fearing for their very lives and desiring a chance to rise to power, they play lame and mute and plot their revenge and ascension. It’s going to be hilarious and horribly sad.

Finally my blog is based on finding ways to escape the cubicle, what are your favorite ways to escape?

Well, I climb and hike and fish. I find that leaving all behind and getting out to where your cell quits trying to find a signal is exactly what I need. To break the fetters of civilization and become truly wild is without comparison. I also sometimes jump onto my bobbed Harley Roadster and hit the local pub for a few beers and a few more laughs. It is in these two enviorments that I especially become inspired and filled with ideas

About J.P. Moynahan

I’m a wilderness guide and mountaineer, musician and poet. I’ve climbed all over North and South America, and played my music throughout. From mission’s work in Mexico, to clinking beers with toothless Canadians, and onto climbing an Andean glacier, I enjoy whatever comes my way.
I’m a mouthy sort with a quick tongue and an even quicker grin. Most folks hate me for the first seven minutes, then fall right in love with my winning personality and straight-toothed smile.
Though I harbor a strong sense of independence, I believe in the strength of a supportive community and tight knit family. I enjoy working with youth and young adults and showing them that staying out of jail isn’t so hard and can even be fun. But I’m not a goody-two-shoes, my head isn’t anywhere near my ass, much less in it.

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