Argentina: Jen’s Dream Budget

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I can already tell looking at & planning these trips are going to be way too much fun, I am having so much fun looking at the different airbnb rentals, things to do, seeing how much cost… everything!

Today I budgeted a one month trip to Argentina.

I used Buenos Aires as my point of reference, but you can best believe that Argentina will be on my list & I will be there longer than a month as I want to go to Patagonia & then venture down to Antarctica. For now though, we are budgeting one month in Buenos Aires.

First off for a metropolitan area, this area is really budget friendly, again I took the mid range route when planning this budget, but you can certainly plan and budget cheaper than me.

First up accommodation I found this airbnb apartment for $30 per night. This appears to be about average which comes in below my target of $50 per day. It also has a kitchen which is also a requirement for me as I do plan on maintaining my veggie diet abroad.

Using Budget Your Trip for food & other costs… I was shocked to find that I should budget my food and water for $8 per day. Argentina is known to have some pretty amazing dishes so I was pretty shocked to see they estimate food cost as mere pennies.

My budget:

Accommodations- $733
Food- $330 (rounded up to 10 for food & water)
Museums $400* this is a rounded up budget as Argentina has a lot of free places to visit.
Alcohol- $250- Again this is pretty high, but I can’t go to Argentina and not drink wine 🙂
Souvenirs- $200

Total expenses- $1913

I was pretty excited to see this number. A few notes I am including souvenirs & shipping on every post I do, because in reality I am going to shop and then send it back to my folks in the states. I just know that will happen 🙂 Argentina is one of those countries that I am wanting to eat & drink… but at the same time I do eat veggie so my budget is lower than most. Overall, I was excited to see how budget friendly this was. I could make it cheaper by Woofing or doing a Help Stay. Hostels are as low as $6. I was very excited to come across my first affordable mid range budget 🙂

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