Antigua and Barbuda: Jen’s Dream Budget

I decided that since I was in the planning stages I would have a little fun & write posts on various countries that if I could spend a month living in and doing what I wanted to… what would that budget come out to?

Now this is for fun & for a one month stay… While most of these countries I would love to go to, there is no guarantee that I would actually stay here for a whole month… but planning is part of the fun right?

I already decided that when I initially started researching this area my goal would be significant R&R on the beach.  I would love to make home made pinacoladas and be able to see daily sunsets.   So for me this would be a great month if I needed to unwind and disconnect for awhile…


Pretty sure with views like that I can disconnect….

For me the beach would be about reading, laying in a hammock, eating fresh fruit and being lazy. There is a reason this girl is a beach girl. I would possibly consider kite surfing or snorkling at least a day or two or four.

After researching, I did learn, this is not really a country that is super budget friendly sure you can travel ANYWHERE on a budget, but this is a dream guide remember?  I found a hostel that offered privates (yes privates are going to be a MUST for me on my around the world trip, I am a light sleeper) for $35 per night which is pretty cheap and below my target goal of $50 per night.

I did find this place on airbnb for $50 per night which is right in the sweet spot of what I am planning on budgeting per day for my accommodations when I travel abroad, so I TOTALLY added this to my possible stays.  It may not be around when I go, but it is nice to have a saved list.  Just in case.

For food and basic living expenses I used Budget Your Trip I have used this site for years on vacations and I find that they are typically spot on as long as you pick the correct type of traveler you are.  I am typically picking mid range, as sometimes I am budget and sometimes I splurge.

However, I was a little shocked at the food budget per day being $66 per day for a mid range traveler.  I do not spend that much in the US, so I am not sure if food is just that expensive here or is the assumption is you will eat out a lot in this country.  I also researched vegetarian and vegan food and like most Caribbean countries the options are nice in this country.

Another expense that isn’t often budget friendly, I am planning on scuba diving as much as possible when I travel abroad. In fact, I am hoping to get my certification this year, but nonetheless my certification WILL be done before I travel abroad

So what are my dream budget numbers for a one month stay:

Accommodation- $1568
Food- $1500* (see my note on food)
Scuba-$320 (4 two tank dives at $80)
Canopy Tour- $40 (cause I love zip lining and want to zipline around the world)
Local Transport- $90. (bus transport is really cheap in this country)
Windsurfing rental $160 (4 rentals at $40)
Snorkling- $160 (4 rentals at $40)
Shopping- $200
Shipping- $250
Misc- $100

Total Budget for one month in Antigua-Barbuda $4388 or $146 per day

Ha! Not very budget friendly huh? Well there are a few thoughts on this, I do think the food budget is high. I also went a little overboard on the extras & shopping for souvenirs. However if I was going to spend a month here I would rather be WAY over budget than under budget.  Also realistically, I will likely choose private rooms vs whole apartments on airbnb… but it is fun to plan for whole houses, especially since like I said this is the whole planning “fun” stage.

*I went ahead and budgeted $1500 for me to eat, as I am really a fruit, rice, beans & fresh veggies type of girl. I do not see me spending $66 per day on food because I really just don’t eat out that much, even when I travel unless it is for a long week. I will have a rental where I can cook my food. I also want to note I am not a foodie that has to try everything so my I almost ALWAYS over budget my food expense.

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