All Smiles at Crystal Palace

Crystal Palace is a favorite among Disney guests.  Reservations are often booked at the 180 day mark, and it is not easy to get into, so listen to me when I tell you this.  Book as early as possible if this is something you want to do.

The breakfast features the typical American breakfast foods, but like I said about Chef Mickey’s the real fun in this meal is the characters.

Winnie the Pooh & friends is the feature here, and they are the most cuddly characters in the park.  I love them, and they make me smile in a big way.  Fond memories of childhood I tell you.

Again I don’t really have pictures of the food, but I do have some pictures of the decorations.

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I swear only Disney can have cool topiary decorations like that. I am smiling ear to ear while looking at my photos. I mean come on it is Winnie the Pooh, all I can think about little pooh getting stuck trying to get the honey pot.

At this meal you will meet Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore & Piglet.





I do consider this a must do, if you can. It is pricey, because like all character meals you are going to pay for the character meet & greets.

The meal is located in the Magic Kingdom, and I highly recommend booking 150-180 days before your arrival to the parks. It is VERY hard (but not impossible) to get into the restaurant without reservations.

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