Alcatraz in Black & White

The other day I was sorting through my photos trying to determine what I wanted to write about and try to catch my blog up.  I know I keep saying this but 2015 was a rough year and my blog really suffered as a result.  I love book reviews and I love reading but when that is all you have done for an entire year it is pretty boring. (Yet still better than working! 🙂 )

While I was sorting the photos, Alcatraz popped in my head.  It was one of my favorite things in 2014, I had always wanted to go to Alcatraz, the place is almost eerily majestic.  I started playing with photos in black & white and BOOM the inspiration for this post was born.  I am also going to write a post about books set at Alcatraz soon, because I believe reading about a place before you visit is a great way to really get in to the place you are visiting.

Alcatraz is a very dramatic place given the history, plus there is the whole mystery of the escapees did they survive did they perish?   I have almost believed black & white photos make photos so dramatic.   Here are a few of my favorite pictures in black & white.   If you find yourself in San Fran you really need to visit.

Stay tuned for my post on books & movies set at Alcatraz I hope to have it up within the week!










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