A Turtle Once Out Ran Me…

I love turtles.  I call turtles my spirit animal and when I finally get a tattoo it will be of a sea turtle.   They make me smile & every one close to me knows to send me any and all pictures that they can of turtles.  I have a collection of wooden sea turtles from my travels through the Caribbean.

The point of all of this is to emphasize my love for turtles because I am going to confess something quite embarrassing. 🙂

I was in Biloxi last summer visiting the Jefferson Davis Library when I saw my little friend below.   I was ecstatic to see a little turtle walking around.


SO I snapped a picture and decided that I wanted to get closer…


When this little guy decided to run, yes I do mean run from me. SO I started to walk faster because while I did not want to pick him up or disturb him I wanted to get an up close photo of him, he was moving so fast and running zigzag and right as I was about to catch up to him… I tripped fell and he got away.

Goodbye little guy

So yes my friends I am so clumsy a turtle out ran me. I still get teased about this today.

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