A few of my favorite things…

First Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your day is filled with everything you hope it to be.

I figured today I would share a few of my favorite things from 2014.  It was a great year, and I feel today is always a day to reflect on the good things in life.

Captain America

Photo Credit: Screen Rant


I know, I know…. does my love of Captain America have something to do with Chris Evans?  maybe, a lady never tells, but I will say I am always grateful for anything that entertains me.  If the comic hero happens to be played by the beautiful Chris Evans, well who am I to judge?

Friends and Family.

I will say this year has been a pretty rough year, emotionally.  That being said I am grateful for those that have been there for me.  Especially with my crazy “Jen must see the ENTIRE planet” dreams


The people of Antigua Guatemala, and Guatemala in general.

I may have been lost but found this...
I may have been lost but found this…


There is no nice way to slice this, I am a walking accident, I get lost easily, get myself into impossible situations and just overall mess.

That being said, even though I was lost, didn’t speak enough Spanish, lost again, and even had a common cold, someone in Guatemala helped me, without asking for anything in return.  This was a powerful reminder that just because someone or something might be foreign to you doesn’t mean you can’t lend a helping hand.

My one week in Guatemala changed my life, and for that I am grateful.

The Purge: Anarchy

from wearemoviegeeks.com
from wearemoviegeeks.com


Wait? say what? You are grateful for a movie that the government authorizes murder?

Yep.  I will tell you why, this movie is pure entertainment.  Plus it makes you grateful this is not legit.  That being said I am grateful for any entertainment I receive and this movie totally entertained me

Kristen Ashley and her Rock Chick series.

Granted this book series wanted to make me pack my stuff and roll to Denver but for one long week in July I devoured these books.



For 2014, you may have kicked my ass, but I am grateful I lived through it.

Once again everyone Merry Christmas and I hope you all find something you are grateful for.

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