A Dangerous Talent (Alix London #1) by Charlotte Elkins & Aaron Elkins


Set in: New Mexico
Summary: Alix London has a promising career as an art consultant, a sumptuous condo in Seattle’s toniest neighborhood, a gorgeous figure, and a presence that exudes Ivy League breeding and old money. She has it all…or does she? Only Alix knows that the image she presents to the world is a carefully constructed mirage that veils an embarrassing truth. A brilliant, once-promising art student, the daughter of a prominent New York art conservator, her world was left in ruins when her father went to prison for art forgery. Now a Harvard dropout with an emptied bank account, she is languishing in a career that has produced little more than a lucky house-sitting gig. But all of that changes when Alix meets Christine Lemay, a novice art collector with money to burn and a hot tip on a recently discovered painting by American master Georgia O’Keeffe. Chris hires Alix to perform the authentication, an assignment that finally could launch Alix into the big leagues. But soon after her arrival in Santa Fe, she finds herself tangled up in a web of forgery, deceit—and murder. Anxious to avoid becoming the next victim, she teams up with FBI Special Agent Ted Ellesworth—and gets a little unlikely help from her roguish father—to uncover the truth behind the painting and those who would kill to have it. Sharp, witty, and devilishly fun, A Dangerous Talent offers an insider’s look into the surprisingly treacherous contemporary art world.

This book was fun, the character development was top-notch and let’s face it one solid and fun ride.   This is the first I have read by either of these authors and not only will I continue to read the next books in the series I would read anything else by them too.

Alix was believable and I was very drawn to her.  I found her likable and believable.  I liked Ted too, I found his character too, and I can’t wait to see if tension develops.

Overall this series is a fun, short read that has a little of everything all rolled into one fun package.  Plus it will have you wanting to visit Santa Fe.

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